Budgeting for that Summer Trip


budgeting for summer trip

With today being the first official day of summer, we are now officially into the warmer months of the year.  While some prefer a ski trip during the winter season, many use these summer months as an opportunity for a beach getaway, or a family vacation.  No matter what your financial situation is, planning a summer trip might be just the reward you need to reset and relax.

Step 1: Set a limit to how much you will spend on your trip.  Plan for food, entertainment, lodging, and transportation.  Stick to the limit.  It is best to estimate on the high side of costs.

Step 2: Research the best places to stay and the best way to get there.  I recently traveled to a place where a hotel room would have cost me more than twice what a condo I found on Airbnb ended up costing me.  I still got my own room and split the cost of the condo with friends I was traveling with.  Also if you have to fly, sometimes a drive to another airport can mean a lower flight cost to your destination.  The point is, explore your options.

Step 3: Find out how you are going to fund the vacation.  Did you just receive an unexpected bonus?  Have you been putting aside a few hundred dollars a month for the past year?  Vacationing is much less stressful when you know how exactly the trip is being paid for.

So whether you’ve already enjoyed your vacation, it’s right around the corner, or you are trying to find the best way to plan for your next one, budgeting for your travel is simply the best way to travel.


Budget Smart, Invest Wise


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