Paribus Review: A Good Way to Save Money?

paribus review

Have you ever purchased something online only to find out there was a price drop three days later? Frustrated, you don’t even bother contacting the retailer because it’s time-consuming.

What if there was an app that tracked all the possible price changes, missed coupons, and better-elsewhere deals online and contacted the retailer on your behalf to get your money back?

Now there is!, pronounced pair-uh-bus, is a one-of-a-kind money saving app that does the work of finding better deals, coupons, and price changes for you.

In this Paribus review, you’ll learn how it works, how much it costs to use, and if it’s worth your time to sign up.

How does it Work?

Not only does Paribus find price rewinds and coupon deals that you missed after purchasing a product, but it also does the work of submitting a claim on your behalf to get money back.

Paribus links to your email account and searches for retailer-specific communications like purchase receipts or order confirmations.

Once it finds your purchases, it then scours the web for deals like:

  • Price drops.
  • Better deals with other retailers that offer price-matching.
  • Missed coupon codes and promo deals.

If it turns out you missed a better deal, Paribus contacts that retailer and submits a claim on your behalf. This means, no more searching, printing, or managing proof of purchase statements. Just link your credit or debit card to Paribus so you can get your money.

Once you sign up, Paribus works in the background looking for emails from participating retailers and searching the web for better deals on the things you’ve already purchased. They’ll let you know if they find something.

How Much Does Paribus Cost?

Paribus is free to sign up and you get 100% of every refund. They don’t collect a dime.

Who is Paribus For?

If most of your everyday purchases are online, signing up for Paribus is a no-brainer. You should be using this app to automate money saving rebates. However, the places you are able to receive a refund are limited to the company’s eligible retailers, which is subject to change.

If you don’t buy things very often or most of your purchases are made offline, Paribus won’t be able to get you any refunds, and it’s probably not worth your time.

Is Paribus Worth it?

If you shop online a lot, absolutely! The more you buy online with Paribus’s ever-growing list of participating retailers, the higher your chances are of getting more money back. On average, Paribus can get you back $3-5 a month depending on your shopping habits.

The only issue people have with this app is the amount of personal information you need to give Paribus to reap the benefits.

Paribus assures its customers that all information remains private and is protected by bank-grade security. And it only searches your email for retailer-specific communications, nothing else. If you’re still worried about linking Paribus to your personal email, you could create a separate email account just for online purchase emails and confirmations.

Note: In October 2016, Capital One acquired Paribus which gives it another layer of security authority.

Your Turn

Are you ready to find out if retailers owe you money? You could be getting money back for most of your online purchases.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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