How to save money when buying a bed

Bed frames and mattresses can definitely cost a pretty penny, but the expense makes sense, in a way. According to some estimates, people spend approximately a third of their lives sleeping. Without sleep, we wouldn’t be able to function on a daily basis, and it’s also said that not dreaming is incompatible with living.

With that in mind, you ought to understand that your bed should be an important investment in your comfort. If you’re looking to get your own, chances are that you’ve tried different types of mattresses by now. Some can get quite expensive depending on their cooling or heating properties or the way they can mold on your body.

For your consideration, we have come up with a selection of tips that can help you when you’re in the market for a new bed and you’re unwilling to spend a fortune. Check them out below.

Don’t be fooled by sales

The problem with sales and discounts is that most of the products you’ll be able to purchase aren’t of good quality. Sure, there are some affordable loft beds for adults that can be bought for cheap compared to their larger counterparts, but you need to ensure that their structure is reliable.

Many cheap beds and mattresses aren’t capable of withstanding the test of time. Therefore, it is a better idea to save some bucks and get the bed you want than throw your money out the window by getting one and having to replace it ahead of time.

Try as many mattresses as possible

It goes without saying that buying your bed and mattress online can be quite tempting, especially with the many offers made available either by retailers or by the manufacturers themselves. Whatever you do, do not get a bed or a mattress without first trying it.

By the way, if you share your bed with your partner, it might be a good idea to get him or her, too, and spend some time in a store so as to try out as many mattresses as possible. Only then will you find out which one works for you both.

A long warranty doesn’t matter all that much

Another aspect to bear in mind is that the warranty really doesn’t make that big of a difference. Within the first year of use, you’re likely to notice most defects, which gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the warranty as soon as possible. That is unless you travel a lot and spend little time at home, in which case you wouldn’t use the bed that often.

Many manufacturers sell their beds or mattresses for a higher price specifically because of an extended warranty. Don’t be fooled by this detail. It is practically customary to protect a mattress with a warranty of at least three years.

Don’t be afraid to protect your investment

If you got your bed delivered and upon starting to use it you’ve noticed that it’s not something you want to keep, don’t be afraid to return it.

It stands to reason that there are many policies and they differ significantly from one manufacturing brand to the next. But in the end, you need to understand that this is your money and that you can get it back if you’re unhappy with how things have turned out.


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