Think Carefully to Get Value for Your Money

We all love to get the highest value for every buck we spend but seldom have we thought of means to accomplish that. There are two ways to go about it; first off we should save money and secondly we need to spend wisely to enjoy the luxuries of life. Oliver’s Travels has developed a very clear infographic that shows us the ways we can bring luxury into our lives.

According to the infographic if you skip spending $300 on Lager, you can use that money to stay at a 5-Star Hotel in New York? The infographic also tells us that if we cut off on wine to an extent, it would save us $370 which we can use to book a New York Helicopter Tour followed by a dinner cruise. For the $580 we spend on a 5-month commute in NYC, why not take a wine tasting tour and 5 meals dinner?  What if you were told that if you quit smoking just for a year, you would be able to fly on First-Class from NYC to London! Would you like to spend a million dollars for a pair of Stuart Weitzman designer shoes or book Beyoncé Knowles for a private Concert? I know every sane mind would choose Beyoncé every time.

Living a luxurious life only requires you to think wisely while spending your money and you can do a lot more than you ever imagined. For more details, go through the infographic.

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