My Favorite Ways to Save Money for My Family

Who doesn’t love to save money? I’m always looking for ways to trim our budget and ramp up our savings but now that we’re in house selling mode, we’re trying to ramp up our savings even more.

Here are a few ways our family saves money.

Meal Plan

This is so important when it comes to keeping your food costs down. We’re a family with two working parents, a young toddler and a busy school aged child. We have very, very, little time to plan and prepare supper during the week, we don’t even get home from work until 6pm. It would be so easy for us to fall into the take-away trap but with a little effort on the weekends (and I do mean little effort) I can pre-plan and make sure we have everything on hand for healthy meals. This is a huge stress relief when done and one of the easiest ways we can keep food costs down.

Online Coupons and Promo Code

If I’m buying or getting a service for anything (think something like an oil change), I see if there are available savings online. More times than not I find something that I can use and sometimes you can double up! I recently had a large car repair bill and with a few internet searches I managed to find a 10% off coupon on service over $500, more cash in my pocket! If you plan on hosting a game night anytime soon, make sure you use the Resorts Casio Online Promos.

Negotiate (anything)

It never hurts to ask about non-advertised promos. The only reason why we continue to have cable TV in our house is because we continue to call and negotiate with the provider. These are never advertised promos but we will call and negotiate keeping cable in our package if they meet our price. Same with our car repair last week, he called me with the work order and asked permission to proceed with the work, I explained that I was prepared to have all the work done that day but asked if I was willing to pay cash, would he be willing to take some money off, it was a long shot, but it worked.

Buy Off Season

A few summers ago, days before my daughters soccer season was about to start, we realized her cleats didn’t fit. Do you think we could find a pair anywhere in the city? Nope. The effort we went through trying to find cleats so our daughter could play was ridiculous. Now I make sure we buy new cleats in the off season so we’re not only prepared, but it saves money. The $52 cleats I bought for her upcoming season only cost me $27. If you have the foresight to buy for seasonal items during end of previous season it can save quite a bit of money.

What are your favorite ways to save money for your family?


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