Forex Markets

Forex markets is where businesses, banks, governments and investors exchange and speculate on forex currencies. The liquidity of the foreign exchange currency market has an average daily turnover of $ 3.98 trillion allowing traders to get in and out of positions.

Forex markets are used by investment firms with large portfolios to facilitate transactions in foreign securities. There is no central market place for forex market. Forex Etx Trading is done over the counter.

Juno market Asian brokers transact the trade making the forex market available to traders. Forex trading refers to the speculation on the price of a currency against another currency. A no dealing desk execution mode provides different kinds of forex instruments in Juno Market. Liquid providers determine the success of forex trading.

Features of Forex market are discussed as follows.

Forex currency pairs

A wide selection of currency pairs such as EUR/USD and GBP/USD as well as global shares from different stock markets increases forex Etx trading. Crypto currencies such as equity market indices, spot metals like gold and silver are relevant to the forex market.

Micro lots are offered on forex currency pairs. In thin liquidity, forex currency shares stick within a certain range. Potential break out trades happen during this times making short day trades possible.

Forex trading strategies

Strategies are set in place to inform traders on ways in which they can identify trends from current forex news, indicators, utilities and technical analysis in order to make informed decisions on what is expected in the forex market.

400 x leverage

This is one of the highest leverage ratios in the forex industry. A high leverage ratio increases the potential for Etx traders to earn more with increased returns provided on an investment. Leverage is used to finance the forex market. Instruments such as futures and margin accounts are used to lever investments.

Lows spreads

Trading with one of the lowest spreads starting from 0.1 increases chances of success in the forex market.


Juno markets is licensed and regulated by a Service Commission which deals with securities. It offers clients protection against risk of losing funds while trading on forex market.

Different accounts

Juno markets has different trading accounts exposing traders to forex market. These accounts provide various trading tools such as charts to trade on.

Customer care support

A customer support team is set in place to deal with the needs of the clients.

Financial assets

Provision of financial assets improves trading rates. Trading rates are determinants of the outcome of trade in the forex market.

Merits of Forex Market


Forex market do not have structural market bias. High probability trading chances are provided for traders to profit at different market conditions.


The potential to take a loss without getting emotional makes forex markets popular.


Forex markets incorporates trading strategies that boost the confidence to trade on different platforms without fear of loss.


There is no opening bell in Forex Markets. Exit and entry of forex markets is flexible to a forex Etx trader. Forex markets provide a chance to change the conditions of the market according to the required needs.


Forex markets offer different straight forward perspectives to traders. Different angles increase objectivity to trade on the forex market.


Trading edges are achieved in forex markets with updated information to keep up with new trends in the market.


Forex markets prevent chances of overtrading. Forex Etx traders are guided by disciplined professionals thus preventing overleveraging on a trading account.


Funding of trading accounts in forex markets is based on a trader. Straight through order execution increases accessibility to traders.


Forex markets do not have a specific central market place for trading. Traders gain freedom in trading anywhere with internet connections. Freedom to trade on any platform increases the chances of a wider forex market.


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