Stream Energy Advice on How to Buy an Energy Efficient Home

Moving home is considered to be one of the most anxiety ridden things you can ever do. If you ask most homeowners, they will probably agree with this sentiment. Budget is an important concern; therefore, if you want to keep your costs low, energy efficiency is something you should pay attention to when purchasing a new house. If you are not sure what to look out for, Stream Energy has provided some great tips to assist you.

The Walls

If you are looking for the real energy demons, you will find them hiding in the walls! Good wall insulation will not only keep you and your family warm, but also reduce the cost of your heating. Ask your agent about the property walls, they should be already insulated if they are less than ten years old. If the house has cavity walls, you can fill a small gap for approximately $500. Older homes typically have mud set walls which are more expensive to insulate.

Check The Boiler

It is important that a boiler is serviced on a regular basis. Stream Energy states that if it is older than eight years old, there is a high probability that it will need replacing with a new more efficient model. Always make sure that you ask about the current state of the boiler. A new boiler isn’t cheap, but if you purchase one with an Energy Saver approval seal you will save money in the future.

Check The Floorboards

Cracks in the floorboards will cost you more than the quarters that you keep dropping down them! They are also a large source of heat loss; this is especially true in older houses where there has been a change in structure over time. However, you can easily fill these cracks up with a sealant and reduce your energy bills.

Check The Roof

The average home can lose approximately 25 percent of its heat through the roof. Although the majority of houses have some form of loft insulation, most still don’t have the recommended amount. Make sure that you have a look in the loft and ask questions about the type of insulation that it has.

If you are looking to add solar panels to make your house more energy efficient, check out the solar panel cost calculator now!

Check The Windows

Double glazed windows make a huge difference to the cost of your energy bills. They also reduce noise and condensation. As much as 10 percent of heat is lost through the windows of a home that hasn’t been insulated. The amount it will cost to double glaze your home will depend on the type of double glazing you choose.

Look South

Houses that face south are not just beneficial for getting a sun tan, but they are also good for energy efficiency. If the house you are viewing has a lot of windows that face south, you will attract the most heat and light which will reduce the amount of money you spend on your energy bill.

Final Thought

When you finally settle into your new home, Stream Energy wants to ensure that you pay the least amount possible for your energy bills.



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