Best Quality refrigeration service tools

Refrigeration tools are mostly used in performing particular preventive maintenance and repairs on air conditioners, freezers, automotive equipment and refrigerators. It is of absolute necessity that your home appliance remain in good condition. That is why you need Quality refrigeration service tools to install, fix and maintain your appliances, especially those related to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. As a professional, not only should you get good tool, you also need to get equipment from reliable and credible manufacturers. Appliance repair in dallas or any other place is not that cheap, it is important to get and expert on board for your repair requirements. When you get it directly from them you save money, stress and possible fake or not durable products. One of those reliable companies is HVACDirect.

Who we are

HVACDirect is a business aimed at providing its clients and customers the necessary quality HVAC engineer. The prices of our tools, accessories, and wide range of refrigeration products are qualitative and competitive, and there is quick and easy delivery process. We get our tools and products directly from credible manufacturers, which means when you come to us, you will have a direct link with main product manufacturers and so won’t go through the stress of passing through middle men who might extort you more. You are not the one to pay us. When we link you up, we get paid by the suppliers and not you. This is a reason more to partner with us.

What we offer

We have quality first hand quality refrigeration service tools that you as professionals use. Some of these tools are; Leybold vacuum pumps, hoses, fitness and ball valves, charging scales, bender and flare tools, tube cutters and tube straighteners, laboratory pump and equipment, leak detectors and co check. We also have nitrogen pressure testing, refrigerant identifiers, refrigerant manifolds and gauges, digital scales, refrigerant recovery units and refrigeration parts.

In our shops you can also get vacuum pumps, test instruments, welding and branding equipment, automotive equipment, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning tools, commercial recovery and more packaged deals.

Certainly, there are a lot of products from China who as their reputations are, not durable, weak and not trust worthy in terms of effectiveness. But that is not the place where HVACDirect get their products. Our products come from Australia and Europe and we distribute to several ends of the world.

Things to note

Some equipment issues can increase operating cost, meanwhile comfort and usability are not reduced.

  • By just cleaning your equipment regularly, you can save more than $50 per month in utility bills.
  • When you do not repair small problems, they can lead to more expensive repairs.
  • When you check your tools and refrigeration periodically, dangerous problems could be avoided.
  • A dirty condenser and evaporator can increase the electrical usage of refrigeration equipment by 50%.
  • When you undercharge a refrigerant to only 10%, it can increase up to 20% the operating cost.
  • Normally, a refrigerant should never be replaced (it should be taken care of). If you must replace every year, then expect an expensive leak to be repaired as well.
  • Proper maintenance of equipment can ensure the longer lifespan of equipment, increase capacities of system, increase comfort and lower operating costs.

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