How To Transition The Kids Back To A School Schedule

If you are like me then you are ready to get some of your time back.

Right now there is no mommy quiet time.

I miss sitting on the couch at 11 pm with a glass of wine after yelling lights out and playing my 888sports bonuses.

No more teenagers up until 2 am!

Unfortunately getting our children back to a schedule when they have been so rowdy all summer can be a handful.

Start Out Lightly

In other words, don’t let them know last minute that their schedule is changing.

Despite all of the training that we put into them they are still not the adults, we are.

We know there schedules better than they ever will and need to stay on top of them.

Slowly integrating a stricter schedule as school approaches will allow them to gradually get used to the time changes of when they need to get up and be in bed.

During the summer I am like most parents and do not strictly enforce a bedtime.

As the summer quickly reaches its end I start to enforce a fun and lenient bedtime slowly.

Changing the time closer each day to what there normal school scheduled bedtime will be.

At first, we get some grumbles but I just remind them that I have been nice in letting them stay up later and if they want to push their luck then we can start the new schedule in full force the next time I hear a complaint.

This quickly ends the discussion for at least that night.

Have Them Help You To Go School Shopping

For many of our children, they are overly concerned about how they are going to look when they return to school and see their friends.

Having them join you when shopping for clothes and supplies will help them to re-establish the mindset of being in school.

When you get home from shopping have them set up their outfits for the first week in there closet or model the outfits for the rest of the family.

Prepare There Backpacks

What will they be bringing with them?

How will they organize their backpack?

How will their binder be organized?

How will they decorate their book covers?

Have them take the wrappers off of there new school products and organize them.

Have them help you plan out there lunches for the week

Are they going to bringing a lunch or having a school lunch?

Schools provide a list of available lunch options and your children can decide what days they would like to bring a lunch or beg dad for lunch money.

If the family decides that the kids will be bringing a lunch allowing them to help decide, within reason, what will be in there lunch will get them excited for the new school year.

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