Adderall in the Workplace: A Dangerous Trend

This is not news; it is now a trend if you look at the number of people who are dangerously using Adderall to enhance work their work performance. Over the last decade, we have seen articles published on how workers in tech, business, finance, arts, and other professions misuse medicines like Ritalin, Concerta, and Adderall to have a competitive advantage over their peers.

This is a dangerous trend that guarantees a fall, even when some users believe that they are controlling their use. Luckily, there are warning signs that will present themselves along the way to notify users to stop or get some help.

We should not be surprised that most people at work use stimulant medications to handle ADHD. For years, we know that students have used stimulant addiction to enhance their performance at school. For these students, it makes sense to continue using the same stimulants when they start working; why should they change a habit that has been working well enough at school? That is the reason why it is not shocking as to why it is a trend. People used to take stimulants at school, and they successfully graduated with good grades because of the drugs. Why change it when it has helped someone to get a good job?

Now, one reason people using them need to stop is that life is not a finals test. Life does not stop. When you are working, especially in a competitive space, there is no extension for the semester break for recovery and rest. There is no starting anew on the next semester at the workplace. There is no perfection in this time of life. Even those who are called masters of their craft can’t finish everything they want to do.

If you are using the orange pills to get ahead in life and you relate with one of the following points below, it might be time to rethink about the path you are taking by getting some help. Remember that someone who decides to make a sprint on the third mile of the marathon in their career may experience the thrill of leading the race temporarily, but they are unlikely to finish the race at the top.

4 warnings to indicate that your use of Adderall is out of control 

You are using it socially 

According to research, ADHD stimulant medications are drive drugs and not smart drugs as they are reputed to be. They help to extend the awake time and make someone focus on attention. They do not have a healthy reason for using them in social events. If you find yourself not psyched up for an event because you are tired, take a nap instead of a pill. If you think the business event will not be interesting, read a book or find a friend you have not met in a while to spend some time with. When you realize you are using Adderall, there is an issue developing.

You are using it frequently on a routine basis 

Do not take stimulant drugs like coffee because they can be dangerously addictive. You might be getting on dangerous grounds when you use them routinely rather than on special circumstances. If you realize that you do not consciously have a risk/reward calculation about whether to use a pill or not, then you need to rethink what you are doing. When you realize that your use of Adderall is the only way you get work done, then there is a problem.

You believe that using Adderall guarantees success 

Everyone has an internal narrative about who they are. These stories help to define identities. In some cases, Adderall users attribute their success to the number of milligrams of Adderall they use, and the manufacturers they prefer; they do not attribute it to talent, circumstance, and hard work. Success to them comes through the drug. If you realize that your professional identity is heavily centered on the drug, you need to get help.

You are afraid not to use it 

One of the best flags you need to be aware of can come in the following way. You have a weekly progress report to finish or a quarterly morning meeting, and you do not have Adderall with you. When you feel anxious because you have not popped a pill to be ready for a particular defining moment at the workplace, you are in trouble, and you need help.


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