Alvin Kamara’s Net Worth

Who Dat?  That is the rally cry of the New Orleans Saints football team.  It is yelled by Saints fans all throughout the game, especially when Alvin Kamara scores a touchdown.

Alvin Kamara is a running back for the New Orleans Saints.  He was a third round draft pick in the 2017 NFL draft out of the University of Tennessee.  He is currently playing in his second professional season.  Alvin Kamara’s net worth currently sits at $500,000.

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Saints RB Alvin Kamara

At 5’10” and 215 pounds, Kamara is known for his speed and versatility on the field.  When the Saints drafted him back in 2017, many wondered how he would be best utilized in their offense.  Well, they have found a way.

In his rookie season in New Orleans, Kamara totaled up over 1500 yards from scrimmage and 14 total touchdowns.  He was named the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year tying with Kareem Hunt of Kansas City.

Alvin Kamara’s net worth is lower than many in the NFL mostly due to his age.  He is only 23 years old and in his second season.  Alvin’s net worth comes from the rookie contract he signed back in 2017.  The contract which is good for four years, is valued at $3.85 million.  However, it did include a signing bonus of almost a million dollars.

Although the 2018 NFL season is far from over, it appears that Kamara will post very similar, and impressive numbers yet again.  Even though Kamara will have two years remaining on his current contract, one can only think of what will be done to keep him in New Orleans for years to come.

Todd Gurley recently set a new NFL running back record this offseason with his contract.  While it is highly unlikely that Kamara will score a payday as big as Gurley in a couple of years, if he continues his high performance, we can expect Alvin Kamara’s net worth to increase dramatically with his next contract.

Alvin is expected to make close to $2 million total over the next two season in his contract.  While this contract will be enough to push Alvin Kamara’s net worth into the seven figure mark, it has the potential to grow much more.  For example, if Kamara can land some endorsement deals along with a new contract extension during the summer of 2020, his net worth could easily climb to a respectable level.


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