Tyrann Mathieu’s Net Worth

For many professional athletes, their life off the field is just as important as on the field.  Bad behavior off the field can lead to suspensions, fines, and even losing one’s job.  Just look at what happened to NFL player Reuben Foster earlier this week.

Tyrann Mathieu is a player who was overshadowed by some off the field instances.  Nonetheless, he has rebounded and been able to build himself quite the career in the NFL.  Tyrann Mathieu’s net worth currently sits at $10 million.

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Mathieu was drafted in the third round of the 2013 NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals.  Although many believed he had first round talent, character questions caused his stock to fall.

The first NFL contract Tyrann signed was for four years valued just above $3 million.  Along with this, came a signing bonus of around a quarter of a million dollars.  However, after his first three seasons as a professional, the Cardinals quickly realized their top talent was underpaid.

After the 2015 season, where Mathieu recorded a career high five interceptions, the Cardinals were looking to sign their star defensive back to a long term deal.  Before the start of the 2016 season, Mathieu and Arizona agreed to a five year deal valued at $62.5 million.  With his new contract in hand, Tyrann Mathieu’s net worth would quickly increase thanks to a signing bonus worth over $15 million.

Despite signing the large contract with Arizona, the ending was sooner than expected.  After paying most of his guaranteed money during the first two seasons, Mathieu and the Cardinals parted ways and now he finds himself on the Houston Texans squad.

The 2018 season with Houston has proved a lucrative one for Tyrann.  He signed a one year contract worth $7 million.  Along with that, came a handsome signing bonus of $4.5 million.  This season with the Texans has allowed Tyrann Mathieu’s net worth to creep into the eight figure mark.

To date, Mathieu’s on the field career earnings total just over $30 million.  His net worth would be a bit higher if it wasn’t for his intriguing collection of high-end vehicles.  Regardless, with a net worth of $10 million, Tyrann Mathieu is in a good financial position at the moment.

If Tyrann can continue to play at a high level for the remainder of the season, then he could see a nice contract come his way during the offseason as he will be up for free agency.


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