Jeff Samardzija’s Net Worth

jeff samardzija net worth

The Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries consistently hit above $90 million on a regular basis. How would you like to have that $90 million all but guaranteed? That’s exactly what Jeff Samardzija has.

Jeff Samardzija is a pitcher in the MLB. He currently plays for the San Francisco Giants and is in the middle of a guaranteed contract valued at $90 million. Jeff Samardzija’s net worth currently sits at $28 million.

At 33 years old, Jeff Samardzija is a veteran pitcher in the MLB. He has played for many teams throughout his career including the San Francisco Giants, the Chicago Cubs, the Chicago White Sox, and the Oakland Athletics.

Samardzija is currently entering year four of a five year, $90 million contract. The contract, which pays him $18 million per season, has greatly lifted Jeff Samardzija’s net worth.  Additionally, at the end of the 2018 MLB season, Jeff had a total of nearly $90 million in career earnings.

Jeff Samardzija’s Record

Through his eleven year MLB career, Jeff has totaled a pitching record of 69 wins and 92 losses.  His career ERA (Earned Run Average) sits at 4.17. Jeff has assumed a starting pitcher role for his teams ever since the 2012 MLB season. He set a career best during the 2016 season with the Giants when he recorded a total of twelve victories during the season.

Although he has had a solid career, 2018 was a rough one for Jeff Samardzija. In only 10 starts during the season, he managed a 1-5 record and an ERA of 6.25. With a salary of $18 million per season for the next two years and a cap hit of $19.5 million each season, the Giants are hoping their third highest paid player on the team will step up.

Despite Jeff having some time left on his contract and being a little ways away from retirement, there is no certainty he will be playing after his contract expires. Due to his high salary for the next two seasons, we can expect Jeff Samardzija’s net worth to increase by at least an additional $10 million in the coming years. Although that will put his net worth close to the $40 million mark, we can be pretty certain that Jeff won’t have to create a free monthly budget like the rest of us for some time.

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