Nolan Arenado’s Net Worth

Many college football athletes are announcing early departures from school to go into the NFL. The teams they are drafted by are hoping for an instant impact at the professional level. Things are different in Major League Baseball.

In the MLB, players are often drafted young and take many years to work their way through minor league play into the majors. Nolan Arenado is one of those who spent his time developing into the MLB player he is today. Nolan Arenado’s net worth sits at $10 million.

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Nolan Arenado’s Career Earnings

Nearly all of Nolan Arenado’s net worth comes from his earnings on the baseball diamond. In his six years playing in the majors, Arenado has totaled over $36 million in career earnings. His net worth took a big jump thanks to the over $17 million in salary he received during the 2018 season.

Nolan is still playing with the Colorado Rockies at the moment, but the two side have yet to agree to a contract extension to keep him with the team for a longer period. If Nolan is able to secure a deal this season for a long term contract, he could see a salary range in the future that will pay him between $20 and $30 million per season.

Some players out there during this free agency are eyeing the coveted $300 million mark.  Although Arenado isn’t one of those players, a long term contract could get him around the $200 million mark which would greatly increase Nolan Arenado’s net worth.

Nolan Arenado’s Statistics

Since getting drafted in 2009, Arenado has played in six full seasons with the Rockies. In these six seasons, Nolan has totaled 186 home runs and 616 RBI’s (Runs Batted In). His career batting average currently sits just below the .300 mark at .291.

Over each of the past four seasons, Nolan has hit at least 37 home runs and recorded 110 RBI’s in each of those seasons. Because of his stellar play, he has earned an All-Star bid in each of the four seasons.

In terms of his defensive ability, Nolan Arenado is among one of the league’s better third baseman. His career fielding percentage currently sits at .970 and he has helped turn 222 double plays during that span.

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