You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Everyone knows how important the first impression is. When someone enters your store for the first time, calls you at your office or browses your site, you work hard on the first impression that a client might have. By subscribing to the newsletter, the client does this with certain expectations, and therefore the welcome letter plays a huge role. It is surprising that many companies pay little attention to their welcome letters that customers are really waiting for. In comparison with the usual mailing, the Welcome letters have a rather large percentage of open rate (around 50-70%). When opening a welcome letter from your company, the client actually communicates directly with you for the first time, and this may affect his future opinion about your business.

What welcome emails can do?

They always should be carefully prepared.  Writing welcome email you should think over any further dialogue, but in this type of letters, many go to extremes the letter is either poor or too descriptive. However, it is important to mention that unfortunately, not all letters are beautifully designed, but simply comes with text that is rarely read. Nevertheless, it is needlessly immediately looking for a confirmation link. Although welcome emails can be simple and at the same time perform their task, greet customers and tell them what to do next.

Convince customers that they made the right choice.

Sometimes clients do not want to receive third-party email newsletters to their email, especially if they have not yet built a trust relationship with the sender. Therefore, it is important to assure customers that they have made the right decision.

Help to get rid of fears

If the letter was received from, an unfamiliar address than it is better to remind the reader that he himself has subscribed to the newsletter, thereby preventing a wave of formal replies.

Meet Subscriber Expectations

It is important that the offer to your reader made in a welcome letter corresponds to what you promised and offer during the registration. It is unacceptable to offer coupons and special offers, luring people to register, and then send only company news.

Have a quick tour of what the subscriber is going to receive.

Add detailed information about the type of content you going to send, how often, what you want to share in the future. It is not necessary to describe all this information in details; you can simply add a link where the user can find out everything about it.

Introduce to the customer

In a friendly way, tell a little bit about your company, thereby attracting customers to yourself. You can give links to the site, briefly describing what the reader will see after joining your company: here we have news, sales here, etc.

Welcome emails are an automated response to customers subscribing to your updates. A welcome letter is an opportunity to present your marketing company to your target audience in a favorable light. An individual approach to the letter not only improves the first impression of you, but it also helps to separate you from competitors.

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Here are some useful infographics from Campaign Monitor that might save your welcome email from being neglected.

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