Why trade CFDs?

The various advantages attributed to trading in CFDs has led to an increase in the number of investors turning to this rather lucrative business. Many have realized that it is not just the ordinary buying and selling of stocks or shares in the conventional way. CFD is a short form of Contract for Difference, an instrument that allows the investors to take advantage of the price movements underlying instruments or shares.

Find below why you should be into this business

Trade on margin

With CFDs, investors are in a position to trade in open without putting the overall value of the trade. With this trade, you only need to deposit or buy a small amount of the overall value of the share to open a position. This is usually up to 20% of the contract value. Your broker determines the amount that you invest in that range and because the margin requirements are lower on CFD trading compared to the traditional stock trading, the investor enjoys great leveraged returns and less capital outlay.

CFD allows short trading

Both CDFs and conventional can be used for long trades. However, as an investor, you will have an easier time with CFDs trading than the regular stocks when it comes to short trades. Here, the investor needs to sell their assets when the price is high and buy back within a short period when the prices fall. Trading on ordinary stocks is quite difficult because of the strict rules imposed by major stock markets. This is an advantage to the one trading CFDs because the ability to trade short increases and here you can rake very high profits- this is so even if the price of the share is falling.

Access to global markets

Choosing your CFD platform allows you to trade in different types of equities in whichever country and market you wish.  Whether commodities, CFDs shares bonds, precious metals, or even Forex. Again, it will be easy for you to switch your investment from one asset class to another.

No day trading restrictions

There is virtually no day trading requirements in CFD markets; this is a favorable financial instrument for those that are starting up or long-time investors. With this kind of investment, one can open an account with a minimum of $1,000, an amount that is affordable to most investors. In daytime trading, the minimum capital outlay is prohibitively costly and this keeps off many investors who would want to venture in this business. And this actually explains why CFD has become very attractive and the number of investors continues to increase.

Anonymity in the trade

When trading with CFDs, there is no requirement that you should go public and this is in line with the wish of many investors who want to maintain privacy unlike other types of equities or assets. Unlike these other investment ventures, you don’t have to publish your transactions with CFDs and therefore you’ll not be required to declare your position even if you are increasing your investment.

Investment through CFDs is the best option for anyone who would want to go big without necessarily going public. You only need a reliable CFD trading company who will guide you on the market trends and the best avenues that would lead to a high return on investment (ROI).

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