Stuck with a Property You Can’t Sell? 4 Common Home Listing Mistakes That Might Have Costed You a Buyer

 Too many people attribute their home not selling to physical attributes with the property or external market factors. They assume that their home isn’t as desirable as it should be. They wrongly believe that the aesthetic or décor is hampering its ability to sell. In other cases, they attribute a lack of interest from buyers to a slump in the market or the “wrong time of year” to sell a property.

In reality, the most common reasons why a home isnt selling has nothing to do with the property itself or the market. They are due to the listing. Don’t get stuck with a property you can’t sell by avoiding these four common home listing mistakes.

Pricing the Home too High

We all want to maximize the revenue we receive from our sale price. But that doesn’t mean pricing the home at a higher value than it is worth. An overpriced home will stop buyers even viewing your property. Those that do view, and may be interested, will often place a low offer in the hope that you set the price high in anticipation of negotiating with prospective buyers.

To encourage the sale of a property, set a fair asking price which accurately reflects the market, the area, and the home’s condition.

Not Enough Photographs

In a restaurant, diners make selections with their eyes, not their stomachs. A dish that looks appealing on the plate will always be more popular than one that tastes excellent but may not look as enticing.

Property buyers are the same. They need photographs. Photographs are what sparks a buyer’s interest and get them to arrange a viewing. Without a number of high-quality photographs, you will have a shortage of interested buyers.

Not Hiring a Realtor

Less than 10% of properties sold by the buyer actually sell. This is a staggering figure. The reason is that a homeowner lacks the necessary marketing and real estate industry knowledge to effectively advertise their property.

Realtors are professional home sellers. They have dedicated their careers to developing a deep understanding of the real estate market and the intricate details involved in selling a home. Sellers that make use of this insider knowledge sell their property faster, and for a much a higher price, than those that opt to go it alone.

You Haven’t Decluttered and Depersonalized Your Home

When prospective buyers view a property, they want to imagine themselves going about their daily lives within the home. They want to imagine their furniture in your living room, their dogs running around your kitchen and their children sleeping comfortably in your bedrooms.

This task becomes more difficult when the property is filled with clutter. It clouds their vision and prevents them from seeing all the available space on offer. Before viewings remove all the clutter from your property and move it somewhere else to show off space.

Similarly, buyers don’t want to see all of your personal photos. It ruins the image of them in your property and may prevent them really connecting with the home. Keep these out of sight where possible during a visit to maximize buyer interest.

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