Tiger Woods: From 2 Year Old TV Golf Star to a Net Worth of Over $700 Million

Tiger Woods worth

In 2016, Forbes reported that golf legend Tiger Woods had a net worth of $740 million. The eye-popping amount is a result of a long and successful career filled with endorsements and tour wins. In 2018, Forbes reported the figure as $800 million. He earned $1.5 billion since turning professional in 1996. As the fight for his 15th major title approaches, more could be added. 

PGA Wins

His eyes have always been on the prize. Given a club as soon as he could use one, he combined his talent with a one-track mind to surpass hall of fame requirements for 15 wins and 2 majors. Most kids were watching cartoons at the age of 2. Tiger, on the other hand, was putting golf balls on TV. He plays to beat the course and ultimately beats the competition.

Tiger has won 78 out of 286 times on the PGA tour. He holds the all-time record for victories on the tour. Unsurprisingly he has $116.2 million in earnings from the PGA. Despite a drop in global rankings, he was able to keep his position as the highest paid golfer, making $43 million in 2017. That’s an estimated $1,282 per shot. For 11 years he was the highest paid athlete in the world.

Interestingly, less than 10 percent of Tiger’s earnings came from prize money. Woods signed with Nike in 1996. His 5 year $100 million endorsement deal with them years later puzzled many but was nothing in comparison to the $100 million a year he would make years later, leading up to his $1 billion mark. In 2013, he signed a $200 million deal with Nike.


Even though $23 million worth of the endorsements and $100 million was lost in 2010, he marched on earning his first PGA tour in 5 years on September 2018. His back problems threatened his career. He fought through and is on his way to showing the world another reason to believe in him.

Real Estate

He lives on property costing $54 million. The property has everything a world-class athlete could desire with a 9,700 square foot mansion ,diving pool, tennis court, and boating dock. His restaurant is located close to his home. He created The Woods after deciding to bring his vision of a sports bar into reality.

The golfer’s G5 jet is worth $54 million while his yacht is worth $20 million. The two could probably prove useful for travels to his property in Bahamas. He reportedly invested $100 million for the construction of a house in Nassau.

TGR Founation, a Tiger Woods Charity

It’s not all about big houses, PGA wins, and nice cars. Tiger established the foundation with his father, Earl Woods in order to support the health, education, and welfare of children in America. Over 20 years, the foundation has employed over 1,000 educators and served over 175,000 students.

Woods is one of the biggest donor’s of the foundation. A big chunk of the foundation’s $8 million budget comes from PGA competitions and events where he makes an appearance. A lot of the events are supported by contributions from his sponsors. Rolex, AT & T, Deutsche Bank, are among sponsors who have contributed $50 to watch Woods play or $10,000 for a hangout.

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    Honestly I’ve soured on Woods. The guy cheated on his wife with a bunch of sex workers, which seems rather low and classless to me.

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