Wayne Gretzky’s Net Worth

wayne gretzkys net worth

“Great One,” Wayne Gretzky needs no introduction. With the wisdom passed down from his father, he went where the puck was going to 2,856 NHL points, 18 NHL All-Star games, and four Stanley Cups. His great achievements as a world-class athlete and the greatest ice hockey player of all time don’t stop there.

A Star is Born

The year is 1961. Bradford, Ontario is blessed with a hockey legend who at six years old, joins a league with players four years older than him. He faces a few challenges, scoring only one goal. This doesn’t stop him. He eventually closes the chapter on his minor league career with a 378 goal season.

Gretzky would later choose the infamous number 99 during his 1977-1978 OHA season. He didn’t spend much longer in the league, choosing to sign with the WHA’s Indianapolis Racers at seventeen instead of waiting three years to become NHL-eligible. Twenty-five games later and the franchise closed down. The next big step for Gretzky would be with the Edmonton Oilers.

With the “Great One,” the Oilers were graced with 400 goals per season, four 200-point seasons, and four Stanley Cups. After Gretzky’s departure to the LA Kings, they would go on to win the cup one more time in 1990.

Wayne Gretzky’s Net Worth

His earnings in 1995 are reported to be $14.5 Million. Earnings from salary and winnings are $6,000,000 while earnings from endorsements are $8,500,000. In 1996 he earned a $4,000,000 one-year contract which later became a $13,000,000 two-year contract in 1997.

The Great One’s $200 million net worth shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Neither should his induction into the hall of fame. If anything, there should be a unique hall of fame made for him. After his retirement in 1999, Gretzky moved to a management role to become the executive director of the Canadian national men’s hockey team

His investments include real estate. His purchases real estate includes a home he designed in Thousand Oaks, California. He re-acquired his California home for $13.5 million. He initially sold it to MLB baseball player, Lenny Dykstra for $18.5 million. Investment firm Index Investors bought the 10,815 square foot property for $760,000 a few years after the 2008 financial crisis before its resale to Gretzky.

In Los Angeles, he sold his mansion in Los Angeles for $8.2 million. He initially purchased the property for $2.76 million in 2019. The price increased to $10.5 million in 2014 later dropping to its selling price in 2016.

Love of the Game

Gretzky’s love for the game hasn’t faded a bit. He joined forces with Moyes and Ellman to buy the Phoenix Coyotes for $125 million in 2001. Earlier in 1985, he bought the Hull Olympiques of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League for $175,000, selling them for $500,000 in 1992.

He has a similar admiration for the game of baseball. In 1992, he bought a Honus WagnerT206 cigarette card for $451,000 and sold it for $2.8 million. The Great One has still got the magic touch.

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