Brandon Fusco Net Worth

Brandon Fusco Net Worth

The NFL Draft is officially over and NFL teams are making decisions for the next season. With an influx of new talent on their roster, the Atlanta Falcons are one of those teams looking to redo their lineup.

The Falcons recently made the decision to release offensive guard Brandon Fusco. Brandon spent the 2018 with Atlanta, but is now a free agent. Brandon Fusco net worth currently sits at $5 million.

Brandon Fusco Career Earnings

Brandon is an eight year veteran in the NFL. Drafted in the 2011 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings, Fusco was initially awarded with a four year contract valued north of $2 million. That offer included a nearly six figure signing bonus.

After becoming a full time starter in his second and third years in the league, the Vikings awarded the offensive guard with a five year contract worth $25 million. That deal came with a $4 million signing bonus which helped elevate Brandon Fusco’s net worth.

To date, Fusco has earned over $18 million in career NFL earnings. The majority of these earnings came from the six seasons he spent in Minnesota. He also spent one season in San Francisco and one in Atlanta.

Brandon Fusco Net Worth Outlook

Fusco is currently an NFL free agent and is looking for work. At 30 years of age, he is getting towards the latter part of his NFL career. We don’t expect him to stay a free agent for long as many teams would be glad to sign a veteran offensive lineman during the offseason.

More than likely, Brandon will sign a short term deal during the offseason, most likely good for one or two seasons. If he is able to get on with a team for the 2019 season, his net worth will most likely increase only nominally. More than likely, his deal will pay him just north of a million dollars for the season, and even then most of it won’t be guarenteed.

With many newly minted millionaires thanks to the recent draft, many others will be fighting for their chance to play in the NFL. On the other hand, players like Brandon Fusco are just hoping he gets another shot.

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