Fast-Tracking Your Way to Success: 4 Ways to Embellish Your Real Estate Listing and Increase the Chances of a Sale

There are so many decisions that go along with selling your house. Researching listings in your area to find the right price, determining whether to sell your home yourself, get a realtor, or use a company that buys your house from you, and more all go hand-in-hand with listing real estate.

To increase your chances of a sale, there are tips you can use from the pros that will help you embellish your real estate listing and sell your home quickly.

4 Ways to Improve Your Chances of a Sale

  1. Accentuate the positives. To bring in a wider net of possible buyers, it’s important that you showcase all of the advantages of your home and your neighborhood. Some people are set on a certain school district or neighborhood itself, while others just want a good deal on a quality home.

When you list your house, accentuate the positives as much as possible without creating a long list. If your home is in the top school district, mention that. Any benefits to your neighborhood, unusual but choice extras that your house has or anything that makes your home stand out from the crowd should be in your listing.

There are real estate agents and companies who do this professionally and know just what to say to make a ho-hum listing exciting and interesting.

  1. Make the most of real estate technology. Photos have come a long way from the flat newspaper listings of yore. Instead of taking a photo and letting it sell your home for you, use computer technology to make your listing pop.

Buyers from all over the globe can see your home from the comfort of their own houses with a 3D walk-through option. You can also use video chat to walk through the house with them on the phone, answering any questions along the way as you go. Your listing should show that there are technology options that you are allowing.

  1. Let the buyers know you are serious. Many homeowners trying to sell their property stubbornly sit and wait for a buyer to bite and give them their asking price. They refuse to budge and would rather never sell than to go down a little bit in what they will settle for.

Show potential buyers, “I’m interested in selling my house fast” by being open to fair and reasonable offers and counteroffers. Buyers will want to get a deal, but you can also turn them down if their offer is too low or let them know that you have other potential interested buyers so they will up their offer.

  1. Find the right price to list your home. If you are going to tell buyers in your listing that you are open to reasonable offers, you might be tempted to raise your asking price. This works in some cases but works against you in others.

There are categories of prices used to determine which houses show up on which searches. If you price your house too high, it will show up with other houses in that range. Instead of looking like a great deal to buyers looking to shop in that price range, your home may get overlooked and ignored. But if you price it too low, yes, it’s a great deal, but you’re not getting what you could have made in the end.

Embellish Your Real Estate Listing and Sell Your Home Fas

When you’re ready to move on to the newest chapter in your life, use these 4 tips to sell your home quickly with a listing that makes every buyer want a shot at owning your house!



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