Stephen Curry’s Net Worth

stephen curry's net worth

After bagging the first unanimous MVP award in the history of the NBA, Stephen Curry became its first player to sign a contract that surpassed $200 million. From humble beginnings at Davidson College to becoming one of the most decorated and respected players in the league, the baby-faced assassin does not show any signs of stopping. Here’s what you might find interesting about Stephen Curry’s net worth.

From Davidson College to Golden State

Stephen helped Davidson college to their first conference championship game in 38 years. He set several records while playing for the team. He would later defer his senior year to enter the 2009 NBA draft.

After being drafted by the Warriors in 2009, he was worth $3.17 million per year for four seasons. The figure was a sizeable amount but still considered lower than his market value. He averaged 19.2 points, 6.1 assists, and 4.0 rebounds for four years. The Warriors eventually signed him on a four-year $44 million extension. Many considered it a risky investment due to his injuries in that year. The risk would later prove to be worth it.

The two-time MVP’s $200 million contract guarantees that Curry will get $201 million from the Golden State Warriors. His salary from Golden State nearly tripled from $12.1 million in 2017 to $34.7 million in 2018.

Steph Curry Records

For three seasons, Curry had the most three-pointers by a player in a season. In 2015, he netted 286 points. In 2016 the figure rose to 402. He hit more than six three-pointers in a game for an entire season. His 2017 three-pointers didn’t beat the record, but it was an impressive 324. His habit for three-pointers has contributed to three NBA championships with the Warriors.

He has also been somewhat of a magnet to endorsements. An analyst at Morgan Stanley estimates that Curry’s value to Under Armour could beaver $14 billion. He penned a deal for $4 million a year with Under Armour in 2013. In 2015, he signed a three-year deal with Brita, a multi-year deal with JP Morgan, and extended his contract with Unilever. In 2017, he began working with Infiniti. His endorsements have earned him an estimated $42 million. With plenty more years to go in his career, there’s no reason why he can’t add a few more quality endorsements to his list.

Hollywood Productions

From the hardwood to Hollywood, Mr. Curry is shooting his shot at movie production with Unanimous Media. He partnered up with Jeron Smith and baseball player Erick Peyton to create the production company. The team closed a landmark deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment. The agreement extends to its film, television, and worldwide partnership operations.

Homes and Foundations

Curry recently sold his California home for $6.3 million. He purchased the house for $5.775 million in 2016. The home sits on an acre of land with five bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. It has an infinity pool and a detached guesthouse. Curry also managed to sell his North Carolina home for $1.19 million.

The Stephen & Ayesha Curry Foundation has contributed to several important causes including a STEM scholarship for young women. The foundation offered a $30,000 award for payment over two years to a student that demonstrates excellence in STEM-related field of study.

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