The Best Beauty Ecommerce Websites and How They Succeeded

Standing out in the online beauty industry is tough. Competition, rapid trend changes, and continually evolving demographics are the top challenges every online beauty industry player must face. However, it’s perfectly possible to boost your brand visibility by employing effective business strategies to make your online beauty business. You can get reliable suppliers such as Asian Beauty Wholesale to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some tips about thriving in the beauty industry market from the best beauty eCommerce businesses today:

1. Experimental cutting edge: Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Labs is known for creating cosmetic products and apparel with a trendy, cutting-edge, high fashion vibe. This same ethos is also applied in their online marketing strategy, where they focus on creating limited sales editions using high-end theatrical video technology and marketing photography akin to high fashion houses. They’ve also tried experimental collaborations such as partnering with Spotify artists to sell their products by featuring their products on songs.

2. Giving back to nature and community: Fig + Yarrow 

Fig + Yarrow is known for selling small batch, handcrafted, and organic beauty products and a strong commitment towards the local community. Their online marketing presence is also based on being environmentally focused and community engagement. Fig + Yarrow feature their products through monthly catalogs and blog posts that integrate their products into the lifestyle and informative blog posts, and through social and community updates such as community events, treatments, and meals.

3. Beauty education as you browse: Sephora

Sephora is a beauty eCommerce giant known for its interactive Visual Artist app that helps users choose the right makeup product for them by virtually trying on various product shades and colors through the app. Sephora also has the edge in beauty education through their multiple buying guides, how-to-videos, and in-store beauty classes that make for an educational buying experience.

4. Women empowerment and beauty with a cause: Thrive Causemetics

Thrive Causmetics literally thrives on empowering women through customer and community engagement, by encouraging users to share not only their product reviews but also personal stories such as surviving and battling through disease and leaving abusive relationships. Thrive Causemetics also makes it their aim to donate one of their vegan, cruelty-free products to a woman ‘thriving though’ cancer, homelessness, and domestic violence. They also encourage customers to actively participate in the brand by formulating products according to customer feedback and public surveys.

5. Affordable and influencer-driven marketing: ColourPop

 ColourPop’s biggest appeal is its strong influencer-driven marketing platform, where they feature various beauty influencers and encourage them to do advertising, product tutorials, and customer engagement to drive consumers through influencing fanbases. CoulorPop also provides the opportunity for influencers to share their causes but always driving in the company’s advocacy of making quality cosmetics affordable. Because of this strategy, the company has been able to garner nearly one million subscribers on Youtube and 5.5 million followers on Instagram.

6. Excellent buying journey and customization: CoverFX Skin Care

CoverFX Skin Care stands out through its integrated buying journey experience, navigation, and excellent customization. Users are assisted in every step of the way, from being given a discount offer upon visiting the page, to signing in and integrated social logins (Facebook, Google, Amazon, or PayPal), to email notifications, and to product walkthroughs and video demonstrations. Another strength that helps them stand out is their excellent customization feature by presenting customers with the complete range of shades and colors with descriptions to make choosing the right products easier. In all, CoverFX’s website makes for a breezy buying experience.

7. Sweet aesthetics and warm user-experience: Cake Beauty 

From it’s very sweet, pink, feminine website layout and integrated social media (Instagram) features, Cake Beauty make you feel like walking into a dessert store while shopping for cosmetics online. In fact, they call the online store Cakeland! First-time visitors are also greeted with a discount offer. The company also offers perks like offering free Cake Beauty products to 100 customers every 4-6 weeks.

8. Celebrity frenzy: Kylie Cosmetics

As for driving an entire market base through celebrity status, no one does it as Kylie Jenner does. This Kardashian, who owns her own cosmetic product line Kylie Cosmetics, has always made phenomenal product launches with having her products literally sold out within a few minutes. With a strong fanbase who follows her posts religiously, it is no wonder how her products get sold out at lightning speeds. Kylie Cosmetics employs a brilliant strategy of creating suspense by announcing product snippets days beforehand, then launching it with the aura of ‘get it as soon as you can’, and announcing the next restock to an indefinite later season.

Creating a solid and catchy online brand presence that helps you stand out in the competitive beauty market takes some time and well-crafted marketing design. By using some of these tips from the best beauty eCommerce businesses, you might be able to come up with your own brilliant online marketing strategies for boosting your brand identity.

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