Which stocks to buy for high returns?

Investment is the life wire of lasting wealth. Resources, especially financial resources like money, is both a seed and a fruit. Seed because it can be used to create more money, and fruit it can be spent as rewards. To do the latter, you need to have given some time and effort to the former. For this to happen, you must be ready to cash in on investment opportunities.

Over the years, the fluctuations in stock pricing and the market at large have led to lots of double-mindedness. Investment in stock as now becomes a thing to critically examine before delving into. But the best things in life are reserved for the bold and daring.

Anyone who desires wealth must have an appetite for undertaking investment opportunities, howbeit healthy appetite. Whether you have the stomach for high-risk investment or not, the investment in stock is something to consider. For the most part, the financial situation of individuals determines how much they are willing and able to invest in portfolios such as stock.

The key to high returns in stock investment is to invest in companies and brands whose products are used daily. Since the durability of consumer goods cannot be completely ascertained and by the extension the profits of such companies. IT companies and companies with fast moving products are your surest bet.

If you are wondering which stocks to buy today, below are some ideas.

  1. Alibaba group holding limited

Despite the hit experienced by Chinese tech firms, the Alibaba group has managed to come back with a bang. From losing 35% of its value between June and October 2018. In November 2018 alone, the company made a one day sale of over thirty million, eight hundred dollars. Since then, the stock of the company has risen and continues to rise.

According to a report by money morning, “evenas Jack Ma prepares to step aside, thereis no reason to think that the company will slow down. And between Alibaba’s lean business model – it acts as a digital retail shelf rather than a warehouse – and rapid growth in Asia, this is the online retail giant with the most room to grow in the next few decades”.

The report goes on to suggest that everyshare of Alibaba you buy – trading at about $185 at the beginning of the second quarterof2019 – will be worth $2.1 million in four decades.

  1. Facebook Inc.

According to reports, “Facebook had a rough 2018, as concerns over privacy and security took a toll. The company has spent billions of dollars to shore up security on its platform, which has hurt profitability”.

With the recent introduction of stories to the various platforms owned and operated by Facebook Inc – Instagram, Facebook and messenger. The constant improvement to the products of the company would see the company rise higher in times to come, making its stock the stock to buy for high returns.

  1. MasterCard

Any company with products that are techie would definitely experience progress in financial terms. MasterCard has been the number 1 online payment processing company for years and somehow manages to maintain this position. An investment in their stock is an investment that is sure to produce high returns.

There are other stocks you can invest in, but the essence of this piece has been to give you an idea of the kind of stocks to invest in for high returns. Start your investment today!

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