Different Types of Promotional Bags for Every Target Market

If you’re looking for an efficient and cost-effective marketing technique with a high-ROI to add to your marketing strategy, promotional bags are your best bet.

You see them everywhere—in the supermarkets, trade shows, streets, and even on the buses. They have also become marketers’ favorite promotional items.

That’s because they act as walking billboards, and offer a large surface area for you to print your logo and company info. It’s rare to see a customer who will refuse to carry a branded bag—unless they suffer from an irrational phobia of bags.

Businesses give out bags with printed logo in public events to attract leads, promote brand awareness, and leave positive impressions. But what types of promotional bags should your business give out? Read on to find out.

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are the grandfather of all promotional bags. And we think we know why.

These bags are not picky as to what to carry. Some people use them to carry groceries, others for shopping in supermarkets, and then there are those who just want a simple bag to deposit all sorts of freebies, pamphlets, and so on. And they all find a solution in tote bags.

Tote bags are very popular and are boosting brand awareness more than any other promotional item. The trick is to brand your tote bags with visually appealing graphics that will attract the public attention. See examples from Good Things Australia to gain insights into what a promotional tote bag should look like.

2. Laptop Bags

When it comes to boosting brand awareness, laptop bags don’t disappoint.

Give one to a student, and you’ll create brand awareness whenever that laptop goes—at school, in public libraries, meetings, etc. Distribute them among your employees and you’ll keep them branded even when they’re working on remote projects.

3. Cooler Bags

Cooler bags are ideal for carrying refreshments and food items.

Because they “keep things cool,” cooler bags are ideal for an audience that’s always on the move. They can come in handy in many situations, including an outdoor date, picnic, camping, weddings, and even when carrying food items to the office.

Since they cater to a wider audience, cooler bags make for a great promotional item. When branded, they can enhance your brand exposure in many places.

4. Backpacks

If your goal is to target travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, a branded backpack is all you need.

Backpacks increase your brand visibility more than other bags. That’s because rather than being held at knee level, a backpack elevates the position of your printed information higher for everyone to see.

The good thing about backpacks is that they can create brand awareness even overseas, as they go where the traveler goes.

5. Paper Bags

The eco-friendly paper bags are a great option, especially if one of your goals is to promote the use of environment-friendly products.

As an alternative to plastic bags, paper bags usage and popularity have been on the rise as more countries continue to embrace the “going green” initiative. You can take this opportunity to promote your products worldwide.

What other promotional items do you use for your business? Check out https://goodthings.com.au for more ideas. Or share with us in the comments section below.

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