How to Properly Make Money on Your Dating Blog

  1. Affiliate programs

One of the most promising options for how to make money on a blog is to attract affiliate programs. Their essence is in promoting other people’s products and services by using referral programs. The topic is so interesting that it deserves a separate detailed article on its own. But, for now, I will do my best to cover this topic in a few sentences.

The essence of an affiliate program is that you advertise other people’s products or services on your blog. After the user clicks on a referral link and makes a purchase, you will get some profit out of it. You are attracting new customers to their product and may even get your own code that will make a purchase either cheaper or more convenient for a customer.

  1. Ads

Now let’s talk about advertising. Moreover, there are several types of it. While, of course, affiliate programs are more profitable, why not get some additional passive advertising revenue if there is such an opportunity?

Contextual advertising. This is what users most often see on sites. Earnings from contextual ads are charged for user clicks. That is, if a reader of your blog clicks on an advertisement, you will be rewarded.

To earn in this way, you need to connect your website to an advertising network. There are two popular networks: Yandex Advertising Network and Google AdSense. First, you need to register on a network, wait until your site passes moderation, and then install a certain code on your site. It is thanks to such a code that advertising will be posted on your site, and you will start earning money.

And again, the user will not get something concrete, some particular piece of advertising – they will get a contextual ad depending on their search history. If a user is interested in dating, it is only fitting that they will get an ad for a female singles dating site.

Teaser ads. It is similar to context ads, but it is different. The name says it all – it teases and lures a user to click on it. The main task of teasers is to attract users to a specific site they advertise.

Surely, you have seen ad units where either shocking or interesting information was displayed a couple of times in the past. Some of these adds are not that attractive, but they still work. This is because these units are comprised in such a way as to affect people to click on them. Payment is charged for every redirection – after the user clicks on an advertisement and goes to an advertised site.

Banner advertising. There are two possible options. You can either get connected to a banner network (and it will automatically display banners on your site), or you can arrange these deals directly.

If an owner of a banner gets some profit from it, then it is quite likely that they will continue on using it.

Whether you can draw banners yourself, take ready-made banners directly from an advertiser, or use special services. This option on how to make money on your blog allows you to get a good extra income.

Promotional lines or links. This is quite a simple one – you just have to post links or certain lines of text on your site.

  1. Posting promotional articles

Now I will tell you how to make money on a blog by publishing promotional articles. This is yet another common type of making a profit by using a blog. For example, these may include detailed (and, of course, positive) reviews of:

  • projects;
  • services;
  • gadgets, etc.

Such an article can be, written by you personally or provided by an advertiser. There are no certain rules; everything depends on a case-to-case basis.

Usually, advertisers themselves go to blog owners, offering them collaboration on certain conditions. If you are not satisfied with the condition of such a deal, do not hesitate to tell them reasonably the terms of work that you would prefer.

  1. Selling space in articles

The essence of this method of how to make money on a blog implies selling a place in already written articles. For example, this is one or two paragraphs devoted to:

  • a product;
  • a service;
  • a company.

Naturally, everything should be thematically combined with the article in which you are selling space for advertising text. And it should look quite harmonious in the context of an article.

  1. Selling active/indexed links

This implies placing indexed links to other sites. This method will be easy to understand to those people who have at least basic knowledge of SEO optimization and understand what the link mass is.

In short, I will say this – the more sources refer to a site, the more popular it looks in the eyes of search engines and customers. And the higher it is placed in the search results. Site owners are looking for webmasters who are willing to post links for money.


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