Why Use a Mortgage Broker? 4 Compelling Reasons

A small percentage of homebuyers pay cash when purchasing a home. In fact, 78% of all homes were purchased with a mortgage last year.

You have some choices when it comes to obtaining a home loan. The obvious choice is to go to the bank and speak with a home loan specialist. Your other choice is to use a mortgage broker.

What does a mortgage broker do for you? What are the benefits of a mortgage broker? Why use a mortgage broker when applying for a home loan? Read on to learn the mortgage broker benefits for you.

Why Use a Mortgage Broker? 

Have you found your dream home? Have you done everything you were advised to do: gotten pre-approved, researched the location, had a home inspection, etc.?

Now it’s time to obtain a home mortgage. Do you go with the mortgage broker pros or head to your local bank? Let’s look at the benefits of using a mortgage broker.

1. Saves You Time

A mortgage broker will save you the work of shopping around for the best rate and lender. They have connections. They know and have contact with several lenders.

They can steer you away from lenders that have hidden costs and fees in their terms and find you the best deal. They’ll handle the leg work while you attend to other aspects of the home-buying process.

2. Saves You Money

Mortgage brokers know what’s available as far as rates and special programs. They have access to information that is not normally available to the public. In the end, you will end up with a better rate and better terms.

Their fees can also be rolled into the interest rate or closing costs so there is no upfront payment necessary.

Mortgage brokers have a working relationship with a number of lenders. In these cases, they may be able to get the lender to waive some of the fees, for example, the application fee or origination fee. These fees add up, so this can lead to significant savings.

3. More Than Just a Broker

A mortgage broker can offer extra services like credit repair for those who need a little boost in their credit score.

They will also guide you through the whole process from your home loan application to the closing of your loan. The broker will keep you informed of where you are in the process each step of the way.

4. More Flexible 

Mortgage brokers can handle all of the details and make sure they work for you. Don’t want to close in thirty days? Do you wonder if all that paperwork is really necessary? Your broker will do what he can to make sure things are done on your terms.

Anything Else?

Yes of course ! A mortgage broker can really help you to understand your local real estate market. They will know what’s happening with prices in your area as they are in the market everyday. They have expertise and experience in dealing with other aspects of the transaction such as the legals and real estate agents. They can help you to select the best lawyer for you. A mortgage broker should also make sure you are comfortable with your repayments and that you understand what impact this might have on your day to day life AFTER you get the mortgage. They have mortgage calculators that show you the mortgage cost, but make sure you are happy with what that will leave you with to live on each month.

The Right Move? 

Now that you’ve learned the answer to the question, “Why use a mortgage broker?”, you can weigh your options.

Is using a mortgage broker the right move for you?

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