Starting a Business in the U.S: Do’s and Don’ts

The United States market economy seems something that the world is familiar with. However, there are still many things we need to learn about it, and even if we determine a few in the next paragraphs, we are just seeing the surface of it. 

Nonetheless, learning several do’s and dont’s in establishing a business in the U.S. would be a good start. Below is a helpful list.  


Be Familiar About the American Culture in the Context of Business 

Compared to conservative countries, Americans are direct, informal and amiable. Oftentimes, their casual manner of communicating startle people, especially those who come from other countries, so when establishing a business in the U.S., being prepared for their culture is something you need to work on beforehand. 

Moreover, Americans are naturally direct. They want to immediately know what they can benefit from a business proposal or what is the point of building an enterprise. It is important to keep things quick but of quality. For Americans, the phrase “Time is gold” is highly valued. 

Do Practice Punctuality 

For Americans, especially in business, being late means wasting time and money. Punctuality always turns on Americans. Being late for some Americans, specifically in the Northeast and Midwest, equally means you are rude and disrespectful. Therefore, in any business meeting, always arrive on time. However, you should also get comfortable about waiting before any business meeting starts. 

Do Prepare Business Cards

 In the United States, no matter how advanced the world has become, business cards are still an excellent way to share contact details with clients. 

Do Prepare for Negotiations and Business Contract Agreements 

Unlike others, Americans tend to focus more on the result and what they can greatly benefit from a deal rather than creating a strong business relationship with other investors or clients. A business relationship is viewed as something that can be developed over time. 

Negotiations and business contract agreements are scrutinized thoroughly. That is why it has to be based on facts and should be clear and concise. Americans commonly sign to a contract immediately if they seem to like or trust the one they are having a deal with. Again, they do not waste time, so this should not startle you. 


Don’t Forget to Have a Legal Team With You

During the contract signing, you cannot just stand-alone and think you can do it without legal help. Contracts or agreements are legally binding. Besides, clever Americans would not sign any contract without a say from a legal consultant or a contract lawyer. Verbal agreements are rarely considered as legally binding. 

 Don’t Be Illegal

If you are a foreign entrepreneur or investor, always do things the right way. Be legal. By obtaining non-immigrant visas, like the E2 visa because as written in the Treaty of Trade and Commerce, you can legally put up or operate a business enterprise in the U.S if you have this. Click here to know more about E2 Visa.

Don’t Forget to Set an Appointment 

America’s way of life is different from others. The way things happen too quickly might shock you a bit at first, but as you go along, you will eventually learn how to adapt to it. Americans spend long hours at work which means hectic schedules are normal. Thus, before meeting a client, always set an appointment first. Also, a day or days before the date of the appointment, make sure to ask for confirmation. 

Don’t Begin a Deal With Handing Business Presents

Don’t even begin a deal with handing out business presents. This would only intimidate clients and investors and is more likely to cause negative impressions. Americans want people to be straightforward about their intentions and proposals rather than small talks or receiving some business presents during their first meeting. 

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