4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is one of the most essential systems in your home. A good system can last for decades, keeping your home more comfortable and your kids healthy. Most are designed to last for 10-15 years of providing good air quality. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, the system may not last as long as expected.

But, here are some simple tricks to help you can extend your HVAC system life by up to 10 years.

  1. Change the Filter Regularly 

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Filters are one of the most useful parts of a HVAC system. They’re designed to help block airborne particles from spreading through the home. These include dandruff, pollen, bacteria, and mold spores. You are supposed to check your HVAC filters every month to make sure that they are working properly.

Additionally, don’t be afraid to schedule for professional assistance every six months. It’s also good to note that there are even some disposable air filters that are supposed to be replaced every three months.

  1. Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

Another working tactic to optimize your HVAC system is through regular maintenance. As your HVAC works on a daily basis, its internal parts wear out. Without proper maintenance, the system will accumulate problems. These can become hazardous to your health and are costly to repair.

With constant maintenance, you’ll smoothen the running process of the HVAC internal parts, making it last longer.

  1. Constant Cleaning

Just like any other system in your home, your HVAC system ought to be frequently cleaned to prevent wear and tear of the moving parts. Dirty internal parts such as air filters and ducts can lead to health problems and expensive repairs.

You should also clean your home interior and exterior to prevent dust accumulation. Hire HVAC experts to help clean air ducts and filters every season in preparation for the next one.

  1. Find Alternative Ways to Keep Warm or Cool

Most of the time, your HVAC will work throughout the year. However, this can not only lead to an increase in your utility bills, but also in the chance of damage. To prevent the problem, give your system breaks every now and then.

To do this, think about alternative methods to keep cool during the hot seasons or warm during the cold seasons. Some of the top tricks to keep warm include spending time outside, going for picnics under tree shades, going for vacation, etc. To stay warm, you can invest in decent fireplaces and home insulation. Giving your system a break from time to time will help you reduce your energy bills and your system will last longer.

Remember, entirely replacing an HVAC system is extremely expensive. If you are not careful, it may cause a big hit to your wallet. For this reason, it’s recommended that you take advantage of any trick that can help you increase the life of your HVAC system. You should also call your HVAC experts to help you identify areas that need maintenance.


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