What is HVAC zoning?

If you live in a home with multiple rooms or multiple floors, then why should your HVAC system be controlled by only one thermostat? HVAC zoning is the simple and economic solution to this predicament. HVAC zoning is a system in which there are multiple thermostats placed throughout the house creating zones. Each zone is capable of controlling the air temperature apart from the other zones in the home.

So, how does this all work? The air temperature is regulated and directed by the placement of dampers within the air ducts. Although there are multiple thermometers that can be controlled individually, there is also one central thermostat that is able to control all of the zones in the house, allowing it to operate like a traditional HVAC system at any given time.

Enhanced comfort

Would you like the freedom to choose what temperature you feel comfortable in? Would you like to be able to accommodate guests or family members at any given time? If your response is “yes” and providing comfort is high on your priority, then a zoned HVAC system is definitely you need! Although homeowners with multi-story homes will benefit the most from a zoned HVAC system, those owning single-story homes with large square footage or floor plans that allow cold and hot pockets throughout can benefit from the ability to control the temperature from room to room. Some areas may receive more direct sun than others, while at times, family members may have a varied opinion about what temperature is “just right” for them. Hosting a party or dinner in the evenings doesn’t have to interfere with the temperature of the little ones who are fast asleep. There isn’t a need to fuss and fight over the temperature on the thermometer anymore! Having HVAC zoning in your home can provide comfort to all members of the family at all times of day and night.


If you turn off the lights when leaving a room to save on your electric bill, why not have the same option with your A/C or heater? A zoned HVAC system would allow you to do the same! With everyone in the house having varied schedules due to work, school, or otherwise, along with personal temperature preferences, having the power to keep certain zones in your house off while not in use can make a great impact on your monthly utility bill. There are many other situations in which a zoned HVAC system could provide substantial savings: if you have high (vaulted ceilings), an added room in your garage, large windows facing directly east or west, a basement room or apartment, a sunroom, or multiple-level home then you could be benefiting financially from a zoned HVAC system. Not only is a zoned HVAC system good for your pocket, but it is also good for the environment!


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