Start-Up Your Business: 5 Best Funding Alternatives You Should Take

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It takes careful planning and hands-on management to establish a business without ever worrying about complications. From cautious budgeting to the accurate organization of profits, building a business means taking calculated risks before achieving peak performance.

Let’s say that you have already planned out everything for your business. You already have a unique product or service that you want to sell to the market. You already have your target consumers. The location for the business, the budget plan, and the promotion are all set up. However, there’s one thing that you lack, which every business has to have in the first place — a financial capital.

Financial capital is what you need to start up your business. The most plausible way for you to gain financial support is by getting a loan. You want to resort to traditional funding, which is funding from banks and credit unions. However, it is difficult for you to obtain business capital loans from such. You also found out that you cannot cope with the non-negotiable interest rates. To fund that business you want to build, you can resort to alternative funding.

Alternative funding is a type of financial support that is an alternative to banks and credit unions. Unlike traditional financing, this type of financing provides capital loans more often. Depending on the business that you want to venture on, below are the five best funding alternatives to start up your business.

Grants from the government

Governments offer help to those who want to start up their business but lack the financial capital. In 2016 alone, the United Kingdom government helped by providing 537 schemes for new and small businesses. However, because it allows for smaller capital than other types of alternative funding, it can only give grants to small businesses.

What is good about government grants is that most of the grants need not be repaid. However, they may be meticulous when it comes to asking for requirements before giving grants. Especially when your business involves community development or business-specific, the government will likely provide you a grant.

Support from angel investors

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Angel investors are basically wealthy people who invest in businesses that they can benefit from. They offer help by giving a significant amount of money to help start your business while they get a share of the profit from your business. They are often attracted to businesses that are unique and have the potential to boom.

Sometimes, business angels are difficult to find and even more difficult to convince when you are directly pitching to them. Angels who are eager to invest sometimes manage special events for business start-ups. When you have found your angel investor, get him hooked to your business proposal so you can receive reliable funding. As a bonus, angels can also offer not only money but also guidance and support.

Funds from venture capitalists

Venture capitalists are much like angel investors. However, venture capitalists are more business-minded than angel investors. This means that they are very eager to recover their investment within three to five years. At times, venture capitalists may interfere with the direction and seize authority over your business.

If you want to go with funding from venture capitalists, make sure that you have understood the contract and have come up with a clear agreement with the capitalist.

Help from online lenders

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Due to high-speed transactions of data through the internet, online lending has become a trend. Ranging from installment loans to personal loans, many online lenders offer lower interest rates and a simple borrowing process. Some online lenders even give around-the-clock financial service support through call or chat.

Loan applications online only take as little as an hour to finish and several days to wait before you receive a decision. According to a survey, industry leaders fully expect lending money online to serve more than 70 percent of businesses in the years to come.

Assistance from crowdfunding

The last alternative that you can start up your business is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding works by posting your business idea online where your audience can see what type of business are you going to deal with. When your business idea garners support from the audience, they can donate money so you can start your business.

The advantage of crowdfunding is that you don’t have to worry about paying your supporters back with the money that they gave you. Sometimes, discounts and promos can be given to the audience to compensate for their donation. On the other hand, the downside of crowdfunding is that your audience might be stolen, as the public can see your idea.


With on-point planning for your business and your entrepreneurship skills, gaining financial aid from alternative funding is within your reach. With these five best alternative funding, you can start your business career and be successful in the field of business.

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