What Elements Increase Your Mortgage Notes Value

Mortgage notes are a great source of income for many savvy investors. Many investors that are tired of regular portfolios and mediocre performance are making money with real estate notes and are very happy with the results. 

It can be daunting to make your first note purchase, but you can use the help of a firm that specializes in real estate notes. The firm can help guide your purchase, so you are set up for success with your initial investment and any subsequent purchases down the road. Pricing is complex and involves a lot of different variables.

Property Value

Of course, the most obvious is the property value. Single-family homes typically have a higher rate of increase than other residential dwellings and commercial property. If the property you hold the note for increases, your note’s value will also increase. It is vital to understand that you can get a rough value by utilizing sites like Zillow

However, you will receive a precise quote when you are selling your note. Likewise, it is not the mortgage amount that is an indicator of value; housing prices are fluid and rise and fall depending on market conditions. Unless there is a severe housing crisis, most property values and notes should increase over time.

Owner’s Credit Score

If the owner of the property had shaky credit when you purchased the note, you could benefit from improvements. Chances are you paid a lower cost when you bought the note if the owner’s credit-worthiness is questionable. On the positive side, if the owner is making strides to improve their credit, you will benefit from their rising credit score and improved payment schedule.

Payment History

Payment history has a strong influence on the price of a mortgage note. If your payer has a history of making payments on time, it is considered a performing note. Being able to show strong performance on the note’s history makes it more desirable for potential buyers, thus making the price increase. On the other side, if you purchased a lower value mortgage note where the buyer had problems making the payments on time, you are taking a risk. However, if they improve over time, you could see an exponential rise in value.

Additional Elements

Many elements go into mortgage note pricing. Slight variations can cause the price to rise or fall. Interest rates on the loan and the duration of the loan can also affect the value of your note. How much of a down payment the buyer used will also affect the equity.  This can increase the value of your note.


Investing in mortgage notes can be a lucrative way to increase your portfolio. While some people buy and sell mortgage notes hoping for short term gains, others hold onto their notes for sustained monthly income. It is critical to consult with a professional if you are beginning to invest in real estate notes. An agent can help you to make your first purchase and advise you on elements and indicators that might make your value increase.

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