The Top 3 Facts You Need to Know About Immigrants Today

These days, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. There are many myths about immigration in the United States. By looking at these three facts about immigrants, you can learn more about the reality of immigration in the U.S.

Immigrants Play an Important Role in Our Economy

No matter how you feel about immigration, the fact remains that immigrants play an important role in the U.S. economy. About 12.9% of the total population is made up of immigrants, making them significant contributors to the economy. 

In fact, some immigrants contribute more than American-born citizens. Immigrants are more likely than native-born Americans to build and run their own businesses. In fact, about 40% of immigrants or their children built Fortune 500 companies. They are a driving force to the economy.

Immigrants also impact our politics. In 2024, it’s predicted that 15% of voters will be Latino and 8% of voters will be Asian American. They have and continue to have an impact on the politics of the country.

There are Fewer Immigrants Today Than in the Past

In 1890, about 14.8% of the population in the U.S. was made up of immigrants. The country was founded on immigrants, but immigration has decreased slightly over time. 

Interestingly enough, more immigrants are of Asian descent than Hispanic descent. Over the past few years, Asians have outnumbered Hispanics in immigration statistics. About 52% of immigrants were born in Latin America in 2013, and 30% were born in Asia. If the trend continues, Asian immigrants could outnumber those from Latin America.

Even before the current administration was in office, immigration was on a slight downward trend. In 2007, 57% of unauthorized immigrants were from Mexico. But in 2017, that number was down to 47%. Contrary to what you might believe, unauthorized immigration isn’t as common as you might imagine. Some unauthorized immigrants entered the country legally and just overstayed their visas. 

There Aren’t Many Undocumented Immigrants in the U.S.

When compared to documented immigrants, undocumented immigrants are in the minority. In 2012, there were about 11.2 million undocumented immigrants in the country. That number was significantly lower than the number of unauthorized immigrants in 2007, which was 12.2 million.

Many families are of a mixed-status. For instance, it’s estimated that 16.6 million people in the country have authorized and unauthorized family members. 

Generally speaking, people don’t want to be undocumented. DACA has allowed the children of unauthorized immigrants to become legal, and new doors have opened for them. In one Harvard study, 60% of DACA recipients claimed to have received new jobs. 45% of them saw increased wages as a result of their status change. 

Overcoming the Challenges Facing Immigrants

Whether you’re already in the U.S. or you’re exploring your options for immigration, you should expect to face many obstacles. The odds are not in your favor, and you may need the assistance of an immigration attorney to get started on your journey.

An attorney can tell you more about your possible paths to immigrations. More importantly, they can get you on the right track. They will handle all of the paperwork and do what it takes to make the process as simple as possible. 

If you’re ready to begin your journey, visit this website. An immigration lawyer is ready to help you.

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