Investing in the Future: 3 Stocks to Own in the Coming Years

If you really want to have a stable financial future, you have to do more than just go to work and take a paycheck home. Real wealth comes from long-term investments, and there’s nowhere easier to get into that kind of practice than the stock market.

Anyone can trade on the stock market, it just takes a little bit of research and understanding to get going. Luckily, we can help walk you through what some of the best stocks to own are for the coming years.

If you’re looking to make an investment for your future, there are a few really great choices out there that can help you do just that. Read on, and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

  1. Xylem

There’s one topic that’s been on everyone’s lips in the past few years: climate change. There’s been near-certain evidence of change to the Earth’s climate over the past few years, and we’ll need to adjust our ways to help keep the planet and ourselves safe.

That means investing in environmentally-minded companies can be the key to unlocking big future earnings. Companies invested in how we supply and transfer water might be prime among this change.

Enter Xylem, a company that designs better equipment for the collection and transfer of water via public utilities. If you were a betting man, this stock might be the way to go.

  1. Tesla

Another thing you can expect for the future? Cutting edge technology breaking big. Tesla has long been at the forefront of technological expansion, with Elon Musk and his team working to continually innovate and improve modern transportation technology.

A true breakthrough could be on the horizon, and owning Tesla stock now could be like owning Apple stock prior to the launch of the iPhone. It’s worth buying now while the Tesla share price is reasonably low and riding their potential highs through the future.

At this moment, Tesla is still mostly focused on automobiles, but there’s no telling where they might turn their attention in the near future.

  1. Starbucks

We know what you’re probably thinking: wasn’t the time to invest in Starbucks like twenty years ago? And in some respects, you’re right. But just because the coffee giant has taken over North America doesn’t mean they’re done expanding.

In fact, Starbucks has big plans over the next few years to push their brand in foreign counties. That means there might be a lot of potential growth on the horizon, and more money to go around for their shareholders.

Investing in their brand now could be the perfect opportunity before they achieve true global domination. Many growth investors have also rotated out of this stock, which leaves room for you to move in and take it as a perfect addition to your portfolio.

The Best Stocks To Own For The Future

No one knows exactly what the future might bring, and the coming years seem as uncertain as they’ve ever been. Still, the above are our guesses for some of the best stocks to own in the coming years. They all have high potential to be big hits.

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