3 Unique and Uncommon Ways to Save Energy

Although the world is seemingly becoming more and more aware of the amount of energy we are consuming, 2018 saw the largest amount of energy usage ever in the United States. Growing dependency on natural gas and other non-renewable resources proves that the time to change our habits is now. Of course, it can be tough to find ways to reduce your own energy consumption, but these ideas should help you find new ways to use less power.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

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The most basic motion sensor lights turn on fixtures when they sense movement within the room, but there are actually a number of motion sensor setups you can install to work for every room in your home. The basic on/off motion sensor function is usually all you need for certain rooms, like bathrooms, where lights only need to be on when people are in the room.

Meanwhile, other settings work better for rooms like bedrooms, where you don’t necessarily want the light on just because you’re moving about. In this case, you can get a specialized motion sensor light that allows you to turn on the lights manually. The lights will then go off automatically after motion isn’t sensed for so long. This can also work for your kitchen and other rooms where you may want to enter without turning on all the lights but you don’t want any lights left on once you’re gone.

Utilize Smart Devices 

According to Neeeco’s Mass Save program, Another smart way to save energy is to use smart devices. With the help of app-connected plugs and systems, your home can end up using a whole lot less energy and you’ll enjoy more convenience in the process. The trick is to find the right systems.

The first thing most people do is connect their lighting systems (indoors and out) to their app, allowing them to decide when and where lights are on, even when they aren’t home. If you’re ready to advance your energy savings even further, you can also connect smart appliances to your app, allowing you to monitor energy usage and get a better grip on your power consumption.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is potentially one of the biggest energy consumers in your entire house, but it doesn’t have to be. With regular maintenance, you can kep your HVAC system running more efficiently while also reducing your repair costs in the process. The result is that you’ll save money heating and cooling your house while you enjoy an HVAC system that will ultimately last longer.

Contact an HVAC service provider in your area to schedule preventative and routine maintenance services to help keep your systems running right. Talk to a professional to see what they can help you with and come up with a routine that will work for your home.

In the meantime, see if you can find other ways to save energy, too, in addition to the methods discussed here. If you keep track, you might just be amazed by how much energy these small changes can save over the course of a year and beyond.

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