My 3 Favorite Things About My Apple Watch

My 3 Favorite Things About My Apple Watch

It is extremely hard to escape technology, nowadays. Anyone who lives in a modernized society will have technology all around them. Although some developing countries lack many advances that are awarded to developed ones, it won’t be long until they close this technological gap.

Earlier this year, I purchased an Apple Watch. I have the Series 3. While I was skeptical at first about always being connected to technology, I’ve learned to love it. Here are my 3 favorite things about my Apple Watch.

Favorite Thing #1

My absolute favorite thing about my Apple Watch is the ability to control my workouts. As an active individual, I love being able to start and stop my workouts from my wrist. There are also numerous workout settings to chose from: indoor walk, outdoor run, elliptical, etc.

You can see how many calories are burned as well as what your heart rate is in real-time. The information from each workout is then stored on your phone. You can pull it up later to see your progress.

Favorite Thing #2

My second favorite thing about my Apple Watch is being able to control my music. Personally, I’m a Pandora fan, but whether you prefer Spotify or Apple Music, the ability to skip songs on your watch is awesome.

Before my Apple Watch, if I wanted to skip songs, I’d have to pull my phone out of my pocket. Now, all I have to do is swipe over and hit the button. This is especially useful when a slower beat song comes on during an intense run I’m having.

Favorite Thing #3

My final favorite thing about my Apple Watch is the ability to answer phone calls. In full disclaimer, I do not have the GPS version of the Apple Watch. However, if I am close to my cell phone, say within 30 feet, I can see any notifications I may get.

There have been many times when I’m in another room and had a phone call. In many instances I wouldn’t have been able to answer the call; however, with my Apple Watch, if I am close enough, I can answer and take my call.


I bought my Apple Watch on sale. I think I paid roughly $230 for it. While newer versions and the GPS version can allow more things to be desired, I am thrilled with my purchase and do not regret it one bit.

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