The New Popeye’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich Review

Popeye's Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Popeye’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

While food is most likely the last thing on the mind due to yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast, I think it is worthy to give a review of my most recent food conquest.

There has been a lot of news recently about the Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich. Many have compared it to the gold standard, Chick-fil-A. There was a national shortage of Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwiches for a while, but they have restocked and are serving throughout the nation.

First Impressions

Upon pulling back the paper the first thing I noticed was the size of the chicken in comparison to the bun. It was of ample size and filled out the bun nicely. I could also visually see what I was about to sink my teeth into: warm bun, fresh pickle, spicy mayo, and a crunchy piece of chicken.

For the overall look of the sandwich, I would rate it a 9/10.

Tasting Notes

The first bite came and went. Then the second, and third. What I noticed was that the taste was consistent throughout. The taste was good. I consider myself a fan of spicy cuisine, and this sandwich did not disappoint. The sandwich had the right amount of spice to keep me reaching for my soda, but not an unbearable amount where I was hyperventilating.

The quality of chicken used was something else I noticed. It was of exceptionally high quality. The meat was tender and juicy, while providing enough protein to satisfy my carnivorous habit.

For the tasting notes, I also give it a 9/10

In Conclusion

While many try to compare the new Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich to a Chick-fil-A sandwich, the two are really not comparable. Their taste are completely different. I love a good spicy Chick-fil-A sandwich. I know that I will get a consistent satisfying experience each time. It’s less messy than the Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

When people are comparing the two sandwiches, I’d say the most comparable aspect is the quality. Both companies use a quality chicken breast to compliment their sandwiches. Although I still think Chick-fil-A will be my go to place for a chicken sandwich, I would not hesitate one bit about eating another Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich.

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