New Thermostat Technology You Should Know About

Have you ever thought about where heating and cooling systems came from? These modern devices help improve our comfort and health, but they are so integrated into our lives we often take them for granted.

We can date central heating all the way back to the ancient Greeks. You can thank the ancient Egyptians for developing the first primitive air conditioner unit though the first thermostat wasn’t invented until the 1600s. When you look at today’s smart technology, you can see just how far we’ve come since these first pioneering heating and cooling inventions.

New thermostat technology allows us to conserve energy, save money, and spend less time thinking about temperature control in our homes. When you improve the temperature control in your home you are more comfortable, less stressed, and have more savings on your energy bills.

There is some cost to upgrading to a new smart thermostat, but it is offset by the energy savings over time and pays dividends in comfort as well. You can save about 3% on your heating bill for every degree you set back your thermostat. That savings adds up over time! If you’ve been thinking about upgrading, it’s time for you to learn more.

Learn the history of the thermostat and why it’s a good time to bring your HVAC into this century. Treat yourself and upgrade to a new smart thermostat.

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