How to Find the Cheapest Pet Insurance?

Whether your family pet is a properly pampered pooch or a cat who enjoys scaling your neighbours’ walls, we all want to do everything we can to protect our treasured pets.

Our furry friends aren’t fortunate enough to have a health service of their own, so it is up to us pet owners to foot the bill. Pet Insurance is no-one’s favourite monthly expense, but this small cost can be the difference between paying out and putting down.

No pet insurance is created equal, most policies will cover large, unexpected costs as standard such as accident-related injuries and broken bones but may not include illnesses that are equally unpredictable. It is worthwhile looking at plans which cover both, as well as third party liability cover, which can handle rewards etc, if your pet goes missing.

Prices depend largely on the animal you are insuring and the specific policy you require, $30 to $40 a month would afford your pet comprehensive cover. A cheaper option would be accident-only pet insurance for example such insurance for a crossbreed dog would be $10 a month.

As your pet gets older, it is worth noting that prices tend to increase, whether you have previous claims or not, for example, dog insurance can be hiked five times higher than the same pet’s puppy insurance – so it is worth insuring your pets from an early age.

To avoid costly veterinary bills, you may be thinking about taking out pet insurance.            Here we provide tips to help you find the cheapest pet insurance on the market:

Shop for Pet Insurance when your pet is young:

It is much easier to find broad coverage and cheaper insurance if your pet is healthy, pet insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions. Puppies and kittens can be insured anywhere from six to ten weeks old depending on the company.  At ASPCA pet insurance is available for cats and dogs from 8 weeks up.

Senior pets may not be eligible for first-time enrolment with some companies, however, once your pet is enrolled most plans offer coverage for life.

Know How Much Pet Insurance Coverage You Want:

Finding out the needs of your particular animal can help you determine the coverage your pet requires and can save you costs in the long run, there is no point paying out on pet insurance plans which may not be specific to your pet. It is also worthwhile speaking to your vet about common conditions and hereditary problems upon deciding on the pet cover you will purchase.

Understand How Policy’s Reimbursements Work

A percentage of the medical care costs are reimbursed through Pet Insurance plans, for example  PetFirst offer reimbursement rates from 70% up. Most Providers let you choose a reimbursement level when you purchase the plan generally from 65% up to 90%, which help towards payments for vet bills or treatment.

It is worthwhile researching the policy’s reimbursements level in the relevant plan as a lower reimbursement rate can see you paying a lower premium.

Compare Pet Insurance Quotes

Pet Insurance costs vary by carrier and the amount of coverage, some insurers offer discounts and you may save money by insuring more than one pet or paying annually.

However, such a discount does not mean the best plan, ultimately to find the cheapest and best insurance for your pet is to dig deep and compare quotes for several pet insurance plans.

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