How to Choose a Credit Card That Fits Your Lifestyle

Credit cards all have the same goal of getting its users to spend more. However, not all of them are made the same. The differences don’t lie in just the credit limits, though. It also reflects on what you can get from using the card.

Thus, it becomes important to learn how to choose credit cards based on your specific needs. What you want is a card that not only helps you pay the bills, but also a card that rewards your regular usage and punctual payments.

The Right Credit Card: What are Your Priorities?

Banks and credit card issuers have various cards that cater to different users. Since not everyone will have the same income, lifestyle, and purchasing power, they figured that they could attract more clients by creating credit cards that reward users based on what they value the most.

For example, there are credit cards for frequent shoppers, travel junkies, small business owners, and the like. In exchange for being a responsible credit card user, people can rack up points that can be used to redeem desirable rewards.

Are you ready to apply for a credit card that can be used to its fullest? Listed below are some lifestyle factors to consider:


  • Beginner Credit Cards


For those who’ve never had a credit card before, applying for beginner credit cards can be a good way to establish a reliable credit score. At this point, you’ll need to learn how to consistently stay out of debt. Thus, a no-frills credit card is the rightful tool to help you stay focused on proper money management.

That’s because these cards don’t have the perks that other lifestyle cards do. It’s all about starting off on the right foot. Think of beginner credit cards as a right of passage of sorts. This is your chance to establish that you can be trusted with financial matters.


  • Rewards Credit Cards


Once you’ve built your credit score, you become eligible for other cards that come with different perks. For rewards cards, what constitutes “rewards” may literally be anything under the sun.

Your credit card company typically teams up with various merchants to come up with rewards that users can enjoy. For instance, earning points may give you coupons and discounts in certain stores and restaurants.


  • Cash Back Credit Cards


Merchant discounts may be great, but if you’re not interested in your credit card company’s partner merchants, a cashback credit card may be the better option for you. Such cards can give you back a small portion of your payments.

If this type of credit card sounds like a great option for you, make sure that you carefully check its conditions. Some of them only give cash backs on particular purchases, while others give back on any type of spending that you do with the use of your card.


  • Travel Credit Cards


Perhaps one of the best rewards of having a good credit score is getting access to travel or airline-associated credit card. These credit cards give you the chance to rack up points and convert them into miles once you’ve earned enough. Hence, if you’re regularly using your card and you love to travel, a travel credit card is a great match for you.

Not only can you get free or ultra-discounted flights via your card, but you can also avail of other airline perks like free meals, early boarding, or free check-in baggage allowance. This is definitely a great way for you to visit other places—all while maintaining good credit.


  • Gas Rewards Credit Cards


Gas rewards credit cards are a form of cashback credit card that caters specifically to gas purchases. If you spend most of your time driving around, a gas rewards card can give you points, rebates, discounts, or cash backs simply for filling up your gas tank.

Some cards will even extend their rewards to other types of daily purchases. If you need to gas up more often than others, this may be the credit card for you.

Conclusion: Choose the Credit Card That Can Give You the Best Perks

Everyone who wishes to get a credit card will have to start with beginner credit cards. Once you’ve established a good credit score, you can then move on to cards that come with usable perks.

The perks are really what makes credit card usage worth it. After all, if you use credit cards for your monthly bills, and you pay them in full every single time, it definitely makes sense to get a card that allows you to capitalize on your good spending habits.

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