Investing Beyond Retirement, the Do’s and Don’ts

If you don’t want to spend your retirement years in a retirement home, then you probably have a retirement plan in place. Retirement doesn’t have to be boring, and whether you plan to work after retirement or not, you need to invest for a steady source of income when the time comes. While everyone has a unique meaning for retirement, it is important to plan for it early, unless you want to work for the rest of your life. That said, below are the do’s and don’ts of retirement.

Do’s of Investing Beyond Retirement

While retirement should be thought through before making a plan, there are healthy habits that will help attain the kind of retirement you want. The following are some of the do’s of investing beyond retirement. 


One of the best tips for planning for retirement is having different streams of income. Investments can sometimes be risky, and if you want to invest smartly, you don’t want to put all your eggs in the same basket. Diversifying your investments helps you to spread risks, so if one investment fails, you have the other one to back you up. 

Eliminate Debt

Debt can cripple your finances. When planning for your retirement, you need to work on eliminating all debt that you might have. Even with a well-laid strategy, you don’t want to spend all your retirement investment on paying off debt. In fact, you might end up losing all your investment to your creditors, so pay your debts slowly and avoid borrowing more loans. 

Think Long-term

A retirement investment should be a long term one. While you might have other short term goals, you need to ensure that these goals will help you realize your overall retirement goal. Make your goals attainable and realistic, then invest in them. In the long run, you will eventually achieve a bigger goal. 

Keep Track of Your Expenses

You will also need to keep track of your weekly, monthly, and annual expenses. When you are aware of your expenses, then you can slowly plan for your investment, and cut any unnecessary costs you might be incurring. 

Don’ts Of Investing Beyond Retirement

If you are investing for retirement, then the following are things you should not be doing. 

Wait Until Later

One of the biggest mistakes that young people do is wait to start planning for retirement later. The best time to start planning and investing for retirement is as early as now, whether you are in your early or late 20’s. The earlier you start planning and investing, the more you will have for your retirement. Also, if you wait until later when you are in your 40’s the more pressure you will have. So, it is recommended to start early and save gradually as you invest. 

Over Rely on Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance is important, but whole life insurance does not make a good retirement investment. Whole life insurance offers the savings component and the policy coverage, and most people tend to rely on this savings component as their retirement plan. The deal might sound good but avoid over-relying on whole life insurance for retirement. According to an article by Mack Dudayev published on Think Advisor, whole life insurance premiums are very expensive, which might mess up your current finances if you are a low-medium income earner. Also, since it will last you a lifetime, you will be required to pay the premiums even after retirement to keep the policy in force. 

Borrow Unnecessarily

If you are investing for retirement, you also need to avoid borrowing when you don’t need to. The more you borrow, the more you are plunging deeper into debt. And if you are planning for retirement, you should develop a culture of saving more and cutting on debt. Also, the more you pile your debt, you will end up using most of your retirement investments paying it back. 

Take Home…

If you want to successfully invest beyond retirement, you need to know what will help you get there, and what will be a hindrance for you. When you learn you differentiate the two, then investing for your retirement will be smooth. It takes a lot of discipline, so once you decide what you want and you set your mind to it you will achieve it. 

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