VA Home Loan Closing Costs 

Apart from the needed amount, processing a loan comes with alternative expenses. Most of the borrowers never factor in these costs hence get shocked when they end up with higher amounts to pay. Compared to the other standard loans, VA home loans benefit the users with lower prices.   

Still, you need to understand the additional costs you are likely to incur with your loan. 

  • Loan-related Fees 

The main VA loan-related fees are the origination fees. These fees count for a small percentage of the needed money. Confirm that the loan-related expenses don’t surpass the 1% of the initial loan amount. Before applying for a VA home loan, you need to have a home appraisal. The cost of appraisal factors into the loan-related fees. The appraisal report determines the loan you qualify for.

  • Property-specific Costs 

Property-related prices are expenses that are critical to your home. They come with home operational routines to ensure proper maintenance. The lender has to confirm the flood state of your location and determine the necessity for insurance. Alternative property-related closing prices include a property survey, and title insurance binder.  

In some cases, the lender would possibly want a home review report to confirm the awaiting repair and improvement prices. 

All the property-related expenses are mainly for validating the price of the property. They help you avoid fraud and taking up a low-value property. 

  • Government Fees 

Even though not some of the most pricy, there are varied government fees to incur throughout the loan processing. These fees include the cash you pay as a recording fee on the county directory for your purchase. The ratification of a change in possession also attracts a state tax stamp.

The government fees facilitate safety once you take up the property. The other government fees include search fees and witness incorporations to your property.

Having witnesses and records helps as proof just in case of any drawback after purchasing the property. 

If you work with a property attorney, then you are obliged to include professional fees on the closing costs. 

  • Pre-paid and written agreement 

Mortgage processing takes quite some time.  This means you are likely to start paying for different expenses even before your loan matures. To assist you through the earlier payments, the lender can offer to pay then include the amount as part of your loan. Some of the expenses that are part of the costs pre-paid are house owner insurance premiums, earlier mortgage payment, and capital levy.

  • Mortgage Insurance 

Given that most VA home loans need less or zero deposit, they have a guarantee fee because of the high risk. The loan amount increases when the lender factors in the guarantee fee as a part of your loan.


Home loan funding and closing costs increase your loan amount, therefore higher interest rates. Confirm all the costs the lender charges before agreeing to a loan from a specific lender. Only take the credit when comfortable with all the expenses. In case you are not satisfied, consider asking the lender for reductions. Also, search around for other loaner lenders with favorable costs. 

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