How To Factor Emergency Expenses Into Your Budget

A survey by Bankrate shows that  only 40% of Americans can settle unplanned $1,000 emergencies like car repairs or emergency room visits, according to CNBC. While you cannot predict or control when an emergency will come your way, you should prepare for the unexpected. You can start by  tracking and budgeting your finances to have a clear picture of how you are spending and identify saving opportunities. Budgeting will help you find ways to cut expenses or increase your income and plan for unexpected emergencies.

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7 Tips for Growing Your Business In 2020

It is important that your business increases its sales volumes, enters into new markets, increases its product offering and enhances its portfolio. All these elements of business growth require planning and implementation of various ideas with precision. Otherwise, a business that is not growing is likely to be pushed out of the market by various factors, including changing market needs, new technology, rising business costs and competitor forces. Growth is required in all industries and business sizes, from the SMEs to large corporations. Below are seven tips that can help grow your business in the year 2020. Continue reading

Businesses That Can Make Use of a Direct Debit System 

Direct debit is an arrangement to enable the transfer of money between a customer and a business. A direct debit system is an automated way to facilitate the transactions. When a product/service supplier and a customer agree on the amount and terms, the direct debit system automatically deducts the client’s bank account with the agreed amount. The direct debit system is an efficient way to ensure the supplier gets paid the exact amount on the agreed dates. Here are some of the businesses that can greatly benefit from a direct debit system.  Continue reading

Some Safe Tips to Abide by Before You Gamble

Gambling is often seen as the means to make easy and effortless money. You hardly need a line of degrees to emerge as a victorious gambler. All you need is a bit of luck and the right tact to win a fair hand at your favorite casino game.  However, this is where people go wrong and throw caution to the wind. They start looking at the forms of gambling as more than just ways of entertainment. Most seek refuge in gambling as a means of income, and there is nothing more dangerous than nurturing this idea in one’s mind. Gambling is and must be seen as merely an escape from the mundane, and people must resort to safe means before they start gambling at a casino. The article here, tries to provide an insight into the world of gambling and how you could adopt some safe methods of gambling so that you do not end up amidst a legal and financial hullabaloo.  Continue reading

Should You Roll Over A Retirement Plan Distribution

retirement plan redistribution

Different circumstances arise that call for one to rollover their retirement plan. You may be left with little time and tough decisions to make. The decisions you make on whether you rollover your retirement plan and how you rollover your retirement plan distribution can have profound effects on several areas of your life, including how much you are taxed. Whether or not you rollover your distribution is not a decision to be taken lightly.  Continue reading