Why Install A DICK’s Sporting Goods App

Dick's Sporting Goods App

During the lockdown period, it can be more difficult to do your shopping, especially when it comes to non-food goods and services. Thankfully, Dick’s Sporting Goods has come up with an innovative way to ensure that you can easily access different goods and deals that it has to offer. 

Compelling Reasons to Install a Dick’s Sporting Goods App

Dick’s Sporting Goods application is available for download on Google Play and Apple Store. It offers personalized coupons, ScoreCard tracking, rewards, and access to different sporting goods. Whether you’re looking for football gear, baseball gear or other types of sporting goods, the app has got you covered. 

The application allows for integration with fitness applications and fitness trackers including: 

  • Apple Health
  • Garmin
  • Fitbit
  • MapMyRun

These integrations help to enhance your experience not only on the application but with other applications. This means that you have more choices in terms of customer channels that you want to use. 

For example, integration with ScoreCard allows for the provision of a seamless experience across different channels. Customers are able to easily retrieve ScoreCard information on their devices at different points, including checkout, check point balance, and certificates. 

Users can connect the application to their Fitbit in order to earn extra ScoreCard points. By connecting their Fitbit to the MOVE feature in the application and meeting a daily goal of certain steps (10,000 steps) members can earn more rewards which can be used to buy goods. 

Easy Access to Goods and Services

Users are able to shop anytime and anywhere with Dick’s Sporting Goods application. Regardless of your location, the software gives your details on how to find a store near you. Whether you’re traveling around town and in need of some sporting goods or you’re in an unfamiliar location, you are able to easily find the closest Dick’s Sporting Goods store to you. 

The types of store details that can be found on the app include location as well as services and equipment on offer at stores. This means that you don’t have to worry about wasting your time going all the way to a store that doesn’t have the goods you want to buy. You can easily make a check for the stock at a specific store through your phone.

A report reveals that 33% of shoppers regularly use a mobile device while shopping. With the lockdown in place, a growing number of shoppers are in need of new ways to access their favorite shopping goods brand. 

Like many other retailers, Dick’s has had to limit physical access to its stores as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, customers can still acquire sporting goods through the new Curbside Contactless Pickup at Dick’s and Golf Galaxy stores seven days a week. This is another compelling reason to install a Dick’s Sporting Goods app. 

Great Customer Experiences

Dick’s Sporting Goods is known for its superb customer service. While on the go, consumers are able to easily communicate with the brand through social media channels to address concerns that they may have. The application allows people to easily engage with the brand. Social media channels through which you can interact with Dick’s Sporting Goods include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • FourSquare

The organization ensures that it stays ahead of the curve in providing great customer services. It continuously monitors and analyzes feedback from app stores, within the application, and through other studies. It uses the data to find new ways of improving customer experience. 

The retailer’s attention to detail has paid off greatly. It uses feedback to improve the application in different ways. As a result, more customers are downloading the application. The user interface has a simplified look that makes it easy to access information.

The numbers don’t lie for Dick’s Sporting Goods app. Its impressive Apple Store Ratings Count serves as a testament to the efforts it is making to improve user experience. In the Apple Store, ratings grew by 85%. The engagement has been boosted over the years. 

A Great Rewards Program

There are different ways to earn rewards on the application. The rewards earned can be used to buy goods. For just downloading and logging into your account with the application, you could earn points. Points could also be earned for joining activities and meeting daily activity goals on the app. 

A user that joins MOVE stands to benefit from 3 points from meeting daily goals. $30 (1000 points) could be earned per year if one was to achieve their daily activity goals on the platform with MOVE. The activities help to improve your health with walks and runs while also saving you money. 

The DICK’s rewards program nets approximately 3% back on purchases. This is a very competitive rate for the sporting goods sector, allowing for purchases of sporting goods at lower prices. 

Multiple Channels for Customer Convenience

The platform offers flexibility for users with different screen habits. For example, if you’re not always on the application, you can choose to receive your rewards by email. Additionally, all users may receive Bonus Point Coupons that Dick’s occasionally sends by email. 

These channels make it easy to not only interact with the brand and get answers to your questions but also to interact with other customers who may have experiences that you can learn from. 

Even when you are at a physical store, you can use your application to enhance your experience with Dick’s. The application’s built-in barcode scanner gives shoppers the power to access more detailed descriptions, news, prices, and user reviews by scanning products and marketing QR codes.

There has never been a better time to use an application that gets you fit, saves you time, and lowers your costs of shopping. Few applications offer so many solutions like Dick’s Sporting Goods App. It comes as no surprise that more people are using the application to improve their daily habits and their shopping experiences. 

While Dick’s is known as a specialist in sporting goods, it is no stranger to technology. Unlike a lot of other retailers, it has significant experience with mobile apps. It released its mobile app in 2012, opening new gateways for customers.

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