Why You Should Take Advantage of the Promos and Bonuses that Online Bookies Offer

Choosing the best sportsbook may be a bit overwhelming especially if you’re new to sports betting. There are so many land and online sportsbooks out there that it’s just hard to choose which one would be the best for you. However, there are a few factors that you should consider when signing up with a bookie and part of that is checking the promos and bonuses that the bookie offers.

Still, no matter how enticing these promos could be, punters would sometimes ignore this because they would still think that the ads for promos and bonuses that bookies have are just for show and they just don’t think they will get any of these offers. Some just ignore it because they are too excited to place their bets.

What you should know is that these promos and bonuses will help you get more than what your money is worth. You can check the 1xBet promo code to know what we’re talking about. Such promos usually allow you to get a percentage of your deposit or sometimes even free bets or free spins to casino games if a bookie has some. These are offers that you shouldn’t ignore at all. 

If you’re new to the betting scene, here are some of the most common bonuses that bookies would offer to their customers.

  • Sign up or welcome bonus

A sign-up or welcome bonus varies from one bookie to another. This is actually the care for all types of bonuses, but there are bookies that would give a percentage of your initial deposit as a sign-up bonus or a fixed amount as soon as you sign up. Either way, sign-up bonuses are typically extra credits that you can get from a bookie that you could use when placing bets.

  • Deposit bonus

This is typically a separate bonus from signing up. It is usually a percentage of the deposit that you make and it could range from 10 to even 300 percent. However, the higher the percentage, the more likely that the amount that you can get is limited.

  • Match bonus

This kind of bonus isn’t available the whole season of a sport or league. It’s only for specific matches and usually, this kind of bonus is bigger than any other. Bookies just really find different ways to entice people to wager on major sports events and this is one of those ways. 

  • Reload bonus

A reload bonus is something you can get if you’ve already made a deposit to your betting account previously. You can get this on a monthly basis. Some bookie would only give this bonus during a specific time of the week or month. 

  • VIP promos

Bookies keep track of your betting activities and if you’re someone who would bet on a lot of matches, you are likely to get invited to VIP clubs. Being part of such clubs entitles you to get additional bonuses or be offered with more promos as a way of thanks for being a loyal punter.

Those are just a few types of bonuses that you can get from online bookies. If you’re trying to sign up with a different bookie, it’s best to shop around and compare the different bonuses that you can get. The best bonus will also depend on your betting activity. If you think you’ll be placing bets each month, then go for bookies with great reload bonuses. If you won’t bet all the time, they might as well go for the bookie with the best sign-up bonus.

Keep in mind, however, that promos and bonuses always come terms and agreements. You should always read the fine print. There are times when the bonuses that you get can only be withdrawn after a specific number of bets.

Sometime, you will also need to win a minimum amount first before you can withdraw your winnings. Rollovers are also very common when it comes to being able to withdraw the bonuses that you get. The bottom line is that these bonuses may still have to come with a price. This is why you shouldn’t be immediately attracted to big bonuses.

You should always read how you could qualify for the bonus and how you can withdraw it once you’re ready to do so. The last thing you want is to make a deposit thinking that you’ll get a bonus, but in the first place, you’re not even qualified for it. That could be a waste of time and money on your part.

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