Retirement And Gold – Should You Add Gold To Your IRA?

To protect your savings, you must be financially prepared for retirement in addition to having a heart emergency fund and enough insurance coverage (life, health, home, and auto). Some people prefer to do so by adding gold to their individual retirement accounts (IRA), especially those who may be unwilling to take risks in a highly volatile stock market.

Is adding gold to your IRA a good idea?  Follow along to learn more about what such a move means for you.

  • Diversification

A gold IRA further diversifies your retirement savings. It can’t be stressed enough that diversification is vital to every person’s asset portfolio. Conventional IRAs and even employer-sponsored 401(k)s rarely contain precious metal assets. Gold and silver IRAs allow one to hold such assets. Rather than keeping all the eggs in one “paper” basket, you’re diversifying your holdings when you add gold to your IRA.

  • Insurance

Gold and silver IRAs actually serve as an insurance policy on your retirement. Since precious metals, like gold and silver, were first discovered and introduced to the public, they’ve consistently held some sort of significance. It’s something that can’t be said for mutual funds, stocks, and many other traditional paper assets. Holding even just a portion of your savings in physical silver and gold is like having retirement insurance.

Physical gold and silver have never been and can never be “zero” or “go out of business”. A company, on the other hand, may go out of business, which means that you could be left without anything at all if its stock ends up being worth zero, and you hold a large portion of it.

The balanced approach of a gold IRA smooths out risk. It’s because the prices of gold generally move in a different or opposite direction of paper assets. Traditional IRAs that are made up of mutual funds or stocks can be vulnerable to inflation, but adding gold, silver, and other precious metals to your retirement portfolio instead provide an inflation-shielding insurance policy.

  • Protection

As already mentioned, people who are averse the volatile stock market turn to precious metals to prepare for retirement. Yes, a gold IRA, indeed, protects you against the volatility of the stock market. 

Retirement accounts can greatly suffer, and even the so-called “safest” bonds and mutual funds can take a hit when the stock market tumbles. As a result, you could actually be forced to continue working if it, unfortunately, happens to you just right before retirement. During the Great Recession, it already did happen to a lot of people. 

One way to shield your retirement money from the stocks and other paper assets-associated volatility is by using precious metals to diversify your asset portfolio. It’s not only market volatility that can affect your retirement planning, but also divorce, employment termination, and other life changes. Therefore, you must give enough thought to it and protect it for the years ahead.

  • Control

Gold and other precious metal IRAs are self-directed. What self-directed means here is that you’re in control of your asset mix. You’re not, in any way, restricted or limited to only holding Treasury notes, mutual funds, publicly-traded stocks, bonds, and other traditional retirement account assets.

A fund custodian also can’t lock you into a pre-determined asset group. As you see fit, you can diversify away from traditional assets and take command of what should be in your retirement account with a precious metals’ IRA. It offers you flexibility. You have more control over the degree of risk, losses, and gains since the account is self-directed.

If you consider yourself as one of those long-term strategists and playing an active role in growing and protecting your retirement portfolio is of utmost importance to you, you can’t go wrong with adding gold and silver in your retirement account.

  • Tax Benefits

It’s essential to note that whatever tax benefits a conventional IRA offers can be enjoyed even with a gold retirement account. Purchasing precious metals and adding them to your account bring many benefits. You can continue experiencing them while maintaining those tax benefits that typically come with opening an IRA.

  • Simple And Hassle-Free Processing

When adding gold to your IRA, there’s no need to purchase or store the metal yourself. The fairly simple and hassle-free process of investing in precious metals IRA is one of its telling advantages. All you need is to select a trustee who will be the one to buy for you. The gold will, then, be vaulted with a depository service once the purchase is complete. Please note that you’ll be required to direct a custodian to the dealer of precious metals from whom the gold is to be bought. The trust company or custodian will take care of the transfer, storage, and any insurance issues for a fee, so you don’t need to worry about those things.


In recent years, gold or silver IRAs have become increasingly popular as more uncertainty grows around the global economy’s health. They offer a unique and beneficial alternative to conventional retirement plans. By adding gold to your individual retirement account, you can diversify your assets and shield them from future economic turmoil. So, should you add gold to your IRA?  Based on the discussion above, this post thinks that it’s certainly a good decision to make.

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