10 Ways to Make Money During Quarantine

Our ‘normal’ has received a face-lift since the start of the pandemic. People are working from home, and many face unemployment and uncertainty. However, all is not lost; we can see this as an opportunity to find new streams to supplement our income. It’s an opportunity to find a new passion.

Passive income is a term that many have been throwing around for years. We can use our free time and talents as a means of making some money. If you want to have some fun with your hard-earned cash, head over to Canadian Casinos Online.

Using our talents or skills: 

We are all born with a skill set, and others we spend years developing and tuning. Conrad Brennan, our author, is an expert in finance with years of experience. He acknowledges the need to generate additional income streams. It’s a great time to find ways to make money from home, using skills that we already possess.

Online classes or tutoring

Students are losing so much time at home. With the world slowly returning to normal, students will need help getting back on track.

You can register your skills in tutoring sites or advertise your skills directly.


You’ve put off writing that book for far too long. In the age of self-publishing, you no longer need a publisher or agent to get your thoughts out there.

Editing or videos and pictures 

Photographers and videographers at home can use their skills to edit family videos and pictures for clients— it’s a great way to broaden your client base and advertise a new skill. 

Fitness / workouts

Keeping fit remains a priority for many, and if you have the knowledge or a killer workout, why not share it?

You can make load videos online through channels such as Youtube or sell one-on-one virtual training sessions.


If you have a marketable skill, then this is a great time to work for yourself, set your hours and rates, while still doing what you love. 

There are many sites dedicated to connecting freelancers with clients. This is an excellent idea for a hobby that can be a great business. These opportunities include:

  • VA
  • Travel Agent
  • Blogger
  • Ghostwriter
  • Data Entry
  • Transcribing

Online Store 

If you have a creative side and make the goodies that you wish to sell, there’s no shortage of marketplaces. Setting up a store has never been easier. 

It’s a quick way to make money this summer and, at the same time, clear out unused items. There are sites that you can use to sell your pre-loved goods.


Companies realize the value of public opinion, and online surveys are quite popular. You can receive gift cards, rewards, or cash for your opinion

Online Gambling

Whether you are new to gambling or a regular to the tables, this is a great way to pass the time and earn a little something. With the right table or pokie, this is a quick way to flip money in one day.

Braving the outside 

Everyone is stuck indoors, and this is an opportunity to earn an income. You can brave the outside on behalf of everyone else.

Delivery services 

Everyone is turning to delivery services for food and other essentials. You can apply for a part-time job with one of these companies and earn some money on weekends or a few hours per week.

Doing groceries / running errands for others

With children at home during this time, many parents can’t complete their errands as usual. You can go to the store, do yard work, pick up dry-cleaning, or any small tasks that need doing. 

Be Aware of Scammers 

The sad part of it all is people are using this uncertain time to scam and con people. Please be careful when applying for a job or advertising your services. 

There are some signs that you need to look out for to help you stay safe. 

If someone contacts you for a job that you did not apply for, check the name of the company and other details before further communications. The language in the email or letter is also a dead give-away.

The salary tends to be outrageous in these cases. If the offer seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Be aware if they are asking you for too much personal or confidential information.


With all the world change, this is a great time to explore other options for income. These concepts will bring in a flow of cash, but don’t expect to get-rich-quick.

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