3 Tools You Need In Solid Video Campaigns

When radio was king, marketing was targeted around writing for the ear. Advertisements were meant to spark the listener’s interest without ever seeing a product but simply knowing they needed it based on the writing style. Today, TV rules, and people are bombarded with videos of items, services and products. Some videos make it bigger than others and end up going viral for Jukin Media to utilize, but each and every video should follow certain tips if it wants to stand out and have the best chance of reaching and connecting with people. While your business’s video marketing campaign may not be ready for the Super Bowl stage just yet, these three tips will help you craft strong video customers will keep coming back to.

1. Utilize SEO writing.

Optimizing the searchability of something you make is key to getting more eyeballs on your finished video. Google filters and analyzes where certain content will be posted based on the writing tags and search engine optimization focus. When you create a video, make sure you accompany the completed product with a detailed description, using power words and keywords to center engagement and increase the amount of people who will see your video. Check out this article if you need some brushing up on how to write SEO in 2020.

2. Let people know how they can find you from the video.

It’s great if you create a jaw-dropping, cinema-worthy campaign video people love and keep watching, but what good is the video for your business if viewers don’t know what to do from there? Including your company’s website address, phone number or social media handle is essential. Giving people the information they need to make a purchase or check out your full list of services should be easy to find in your video. Don’t hide the gold at the end of your rainbow video. Give people what they need to move forward after sharing the stellar story of your company and what you offer.

3. Educate while promoting your company.

Tell people something they may not know or a tip that can benefit their lifestyle. While your goal is to sell a product or service, you can include other helpful tips, ideas or nuggets of information throughout a video marketing campaign. Sprinkling these throughout a video will keep someone connected and more engaged because they’ll want to see what other information you have they may not already know. People love gathering new knowledge, and you can use a video marketing campaign to share more than just your product. Leave your viewer empowered with information, and they’ll be more likely to check out other videos you create later.

Solid marketing and advertising are essential in fostering a successful business that’s around for many years to come. Because of video’s relevance in culture today, meeting people online, on the TV and on video social media platforms is very important. The more well crafted, deliberate and strong of a video you’re able to create for your audience, the more likely they are to keep coming back and telling their friends and family about what you offer.

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