Why You Should Use an Agent to Sell Your House

The 3-6% percent you could save if you sold your own home is enough to make many drop their realtors and run to list their own homes.  Unfortunately for these sellers, the problems start nearly immediately and persist until the house is finally sold.  Nobody should sell their own home unless they’re a realtor or real estate agent.  You could put yourself in a lot of financial and legal risk, which isn’t worth it.

Here’s why you should use a real estate agent to sell your home, and dodge a lot of trouble.

They’re Educated On Local and National Laws

Real estate agents have been trained explicitly in selling homes.  Their expertise comes from over 180 hours of education and countless months or years studying on their own time.  Instead of trying to give yourself a crash course on how to sell or buy a home, you can tap into their knowledge for cheaper than they paid to get it.  They’ll help you avoid getting sued or in legal trouble with the state, instead of making you learn the mistake firsthand.

They Can Answer The Difficult Questions

If there’s something you’re not sure about, or if you feel like a buyer is trying to rip you off, a realtor can take care of it.  A real estate agent knows the cost of selling a home, and has made mistakes in their career and learned from them.  They’ll help you work through uncertain times and come out on the other side with your home sold.

They Have An Unbiased View

We tend to look at our things with a warmer gaze than the average stranger.  This step means that it’s hard to be subjective when it comes to how much your home should be sold for, and if any changes are necessary before you sell.  They’ll help you realize staging is the way to go, and have connections to help you get a discount on a staged home.  Although your realtor isn’t going to be your best friend, they’ll do their best for you.

They Can Help Navigate Taxes

Taxes are often rated the scariest part of buying or selling a home.  The prices fluctuate every year and are high because of how much value there is in owning land.  Instead of trying to guesswork or google your way through the taxes that come from selling a home, you can rest easy knowing your realtor has you covered.  There’s nothing to worry about as long as you have a pro on your side.

They Will Stop You From Being Lowballed

Their commission is riding on how much you eventually sell your home.  This pressure means that they have a keen eye on ensuring that you get every single cent your home is worth, and then some.  Owners who sell their own homes put themselves at risk of accepting too low an offer or turning down a reasonable request because they wanted to shoot for the stars.  A real estate agent will help you navigate this tricky balance without trouble.

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