Getting an RV or a House? The Pros And Cons 

There’s a lot of questions about which lifestyle is the best: RVing or traditional home living. While both options can provide you comfort and convenience, it all falls to one’s personal preference. 

Others consider RVing as a cost-effective option, while some perceive it as a luxurious lifestyle few can afford. At the same time, others consider that traditional home living is expensive and envy others’ RVing lifestyle and see it as a carefree and spontaneous living. 

There’s so much truth in that. However, both options offer two sides of the coin. One that is great and one that is not. Let’s go in deeper and understand the pros and cons of getting either an RV or a house. 

The RV Lifestyle

When you ask people about the concept of RVing, one popular answer that you’ll get is that it’s luxurious and spontaneous. And that’s mostly the truth in RVing. A lot of people will get jealous of such a carefree lifestyle. 

RVing lets you enjoy the world beyond your hometown, and this is not surprising as there are a lot of individuals who share the same kind of spirit, which prompted their decision to shift to an RV life. 

However, it’s not all fun and excitement. RVing has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. 

The Pros 

Here are the advantages of living in an RV: 

Traveling At Its Best

One thing is for sure: when you start RVing, constant traveling gets into your mind. You get to places you just dreamt of, such as spending an overnight at the lakeside or going boondocking if you like. Whatever it is you want, and wherever you want to go, RVing can get you there. 

RV-based Business 

Another thing that makes RVing a good lifestyle concept is that you can still work or generate income while on the road. There’s a lot of RVers that are turned into businessmen or still go full-time with their work. Some even convert their RVs into a food stall, while others conveniently turn it into an office and meet clients. 

You Can Get Your RV Through RV Loan 

That’s right! There are already many financial institutions that offer RV financing, and with this, you can get your dream RV and start RVing. Before, purchasing an RV is not as ideal as it is considered an expensive type of vehicle. But now, things have changed. You can even purchase used RVs or brand news one through filing an RV loan. 

When you’ve decided to get your dream RV, contact and check My Financing USA RV loan rates and terms as they can assist you with your RV purchase and any other questions regarding RVs you need to ask. 

The Cons 

Here are the disadvantages of an RV lifestyle: 

Not A Lot Of Space 

If you enjoy having a large room to roam around in your house, well, RVing can’t give you that. Even with Class A Motorhomes, there’s still limited space. If you want to, minimize adding accessories to your RV. 

Maintenance Is Expensive 

One problem shared by many RVers is that RV maintenance is expensive, not to mention other incurring fees such as RV parking fees and storage fees. Also, fuel maintenance for RV can cost you a lot, especially if you’re always on the road. 

Traditional Home Living 

Some people are just home buddies, they love to be in their safe space and comfort zone. That’s why it’s not a surprise if traditional home living is a dream for them. Also, having a house to call your own is considered a success in our society. 

Buying a home does not come cheap. They might be expensive, but the comfort and the convenience of living in your house are worth it. However, things come with a price. There are a few things that you need to handle to live a comfortable life in your home.

The Pros

Here are the advantages of living in a traditional home: 

Home Ownership Shows Stability  

Providing a roof above your head is very important, which is why many individuals work hard every day. It also shows life and financial stability. For families, having a house also means security. 

House Is An Investment 

There might be a little problem with this as the house is a property that is both an asset and a liability. However, in time, a house can be an excellent investment. Many home sellers cash a huge amount in selling their property as long as it is well-maintained and have the features that the buyers need. 


Everyone wants to enjoy special moments and gatherings, and it usually happens in a home’s backyard or dining area. A house can provide privacy and can be a great venue to hold such events. 

The Cons 

Here are the disadvantages of traditional home living: 

Relocation Is A Problem 

This comes with many options, but the primary issue is that relocating breeds a significant problem for many homeowners. The packing, the transport, the logistics, and the entire process is overwhelming. With that, if you intend to buy a house, choose a place where you see yourself staying for a long time. Moving homes is not an easy task. 

Property Taxes Won’t Go Away. 

That’s the thing with homeownership. Even when you’re done paying for your mortgage, there are still more expenses that you need to handle, such as property taxes. And one thing to remember is that property taxes increase over time, depending on your local state government, so, be ready to handle this type of expense. 

Repairs and Maintenance Are Costly 

Damaged roofs? Water leakage? Sewer problems? AC issues? That’s just one of the few things on the long list of repairs and maintenance that you will encounter in homeownership, and all of those are costly. However, you can get rid of the bigger problem by doing routine and regular maintenance. 


Homeownership and RVing both offer comfort and a convenient lifestyle. Both offer privacy, luxury, and a sense of completion for every individual who chooses these lifestyles. Though the two have their disadvantages, it also outweighs the fun and that sense of pride in living in it. Homeownership and RVing depends on a person’s choice. They will choose whatever they think offers them the most benefit and what gives them that enjoyment they wanted. 

Author Bio

Lauren Cordell is a long-time professional writer and an active contributor to various sites. She is well-versed in credit management, loans, finances, and even in traveling and lifestyle topics. Lauren tried RVing as well as she used to drive with a camper and stay overnight in lakeside and countrysides. But even though she loves the spontaneity of RVing, she kind of misses being at home.

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